Hey loves,

Hows it going?

Did I just manage to get only one winter look done this winter? Hmmm… Can we just blame the horrible cold weather? I mean who wouldn’t love to stay at home in their pjs with a cuppa?

Ok lets just move on to Spring – This is my fave time of the year where everything change. Days are getting longer, I love finishing work and its still lit outside. I can even manage to to shoot on my days off.

So what do I like the most about days off? I just love spending hours digging into my wardrobe and putting an outfit together. Once I know I have an outfit ready everything else falls together by it self. I mean I know I am going to shoot obviously.

Second fave part is getting ready. I love taking the time to do my hair and makeup. About today – My amazing sister decided to style my hair for me. She said lets try vintage theme with a modern twist. We both love the theme of 60’s, so we agreed to go for big curly hair with a colourful headband. (this headband is my neck-scarf).

Dress – I wore this dress before but never had the chance to take pictures or anything so it was a perfect dress for today’s shoot. I bought this midi-dress from Zara a while ago and I love it. I think its a perfect fit (finding a good fit midi-dress for a short girl is hard).

How I got my perfect big curls – My sister decided to use a big curling wand to curl the hair- she then used heated rollers to set the hair for longer- Somehow this made the curls last all day.

I could literally write an essay about the details but lets just add the pictures- Guys give me some feedback. What do you think of this look?



Black Midi Dress: ZARA

Black Sued Fringe Sandals: NEW LOOK


Body Chain :  TOPSHOP

Black and rose gold Leather bag: MARKS AND SPENCER

Sunglasses: PRADA 

More posts coming soon – Stay tuned

Lots of  love – Yazzy K xoxo 



Hey loves, hows it going?

It has been a long time since my last post, I have been mega mega busy with my new job but I am so happy to finally have time to document my look today. So, for me, days off and holidays are all about family. I was so happy to finally get some time to spend with my sister. We love getting ready together, giving makeup tips, helping each other,  On top of everything, she takes my pictures. I can’t thank her enough for that.

Anyways, today we went out for dinner to our fav Italian restaurant to catch. Obviously before dinner she took my pictures which I will add to this post.

Todays look: I wore most of my fav winter pieces from my wardrobe. Fur Coat from River Island, my super comfy ankle boots from DUNE LONDON, my fav vintage leather bag.

What do you guys think of my winter look?


What I wore under my coat, My fav beige turtle neck  from H&M– this has been literally my fav piece this winter. I have them in every colour :P.

Sued skirt from Zara – Purchased a while ago but never had the chance to wear it.


Give me some feedback guys, What do you all think? what is your fav winter piece?


Tan Ankle boots: DUNE LONDON

Black Sued Skirt: ZARA

Beige Turtle Neck: H&M

Fur Coat: River Island

Stay tuned for more posts. I will try my best to keep up.

Love you all

Yazzy K





Hey guys, hows it going??

Just a quick post about my little black dress, yes this dress is velvet too. My first obssesoon is the colour black and 2nd obession is velvet right now. Anyways, I was asked soo many questions about this dress, theres no secret that its 3/4 years old and I will keep wearing it until its no longer wearable. So last week I went to my friends engagement and wore my fav black dress. 

Pictures taken by my dad- why its a little blurry. Ohh, Thats my car behind me, I had to wait months until I could find a car that was all black including the seats and inside. I hope this is normal.     

   And selfie   

 Dress- Purchased from House of phraser but not sure which brand. Shoes-Dune London

Necklace- vintage
Stay tuned

Love you all

Yazzy K xoxo 

Feeling Floral

Hey guys ❤

 This look is all about floral print, I even painted little flowers on my nails, as you can all tell I am overly excited for summer, I know we still have a while to go.
So today the weather was gorgeous I just couldn’t resist not taking pictures of my outfit.

IMG_1653 IMG_1736 IMG_1646 IMG_1726 IMG_1723 IMG_1634 IMG_1685 IMG_1673 IMG_1679

Floral Pants and white Sandals – I ordered these online from Boohoo before going to Egypt but I never got the chance to wear them. I am sure you all know what girls are like when they go away, I literally take half of my wardrobe with me. I am glad I got the chance to wear them today. It was perfect for the weather.

Top – This little pretty 90s curve neck crop top, I bought it for a night out from Miss Selfridge. Perfect for summer- Now need to fix up my body.

Rings – I bought a whole bag of these pretty rings from H&M sale for £5, Cant go wrong with that can you? I always mix and match them with different outfits.

Bag – from Pull & Bear, I use this as a day bag and also evening bag to match outfits, I tuck the straps in and hold it under my arm (things we have to do)

Necklace – this beautiful necklace – I had it for years and finally wore it today for the first time. My mom bought this for me from carboot sale like 5 years ago but I never had the chance to wear it, I don’t normally Wear big or chunky necklaces but hey first time for everything.

Middle Eastern Storm- Live Project with Atelier Mayer

Good Morning lovers,

Today is my day off,which is well needed after 6hours of snowboarding yesterday.

I wanted to share some of my work from last year before I go out to produce more work for you guys. This was one of my favourite projects, collaborating with Atelier Mayer (thank you so much for giving me these beautiful pieces for my shoot) which sadly closed down last year.

As you all know, I am very multi cultural and I love the beauty of every culture. This shoot was dedicated to Middle Eastern culture, from the images you will see why.

So, as you all know fashion shoots don’t just happen, they take a lot of planning and time. Before even thinking about my shoot I had to research about Atelier Mayer and make a wish list of what I wanted to use and email it to them for authorisation before going to collect the garments I had selected. Obviously when I got there not everything I wanted was available, I had to make quick decisions and choose alternatives. Thinking about my Middle Eastern theme, all I knew was I wanted clothes that were heavey beaded.


My images were produced by having good studio lighting and the aperture of the camera, making sure the backdrop is the right colour (not too light or dark). Tear sheets and mood boards were also used from a numerous of magazines to have a clear idea of what was being expected from the shoot. Mood boards and story boards were created for the hair,make up and poses of the model that was expected from the shoot.

To make sure the shoot was successful, test shots of the model and poses were taking in advance. Location shoot was also done but was not a great success due to adverse weather (Yes shoots always go wrong, but you have to be a quick thinker and always have a back up plan, I had to use my test shots for this projects)

My Model

I was able to direct the model- who is my friend, she is soo beautiful and amazing at modelling, easy and friendly girl to communicate with.

I can talk about this shoot all day and explain in much more detail why I love it so much but attaching some images will probably make it easier for you to appreciate. I will let the images do the rest of talking. Hope you guys like it. 

IMG_5686 IMG_5687 IMG_5777 IMG_5608 Gold floral metallic maxi skir Grey rabbit fur cape

Atelier Mayer

Description –                              Price

Rabajes silver bird necklace £480.00

Black and gold disc ear clips £260.00

Gold floral metallic maxi skirt £280.00

Yves Saint Laurent black velvet high waisted trousers £530.00

Multi-coloured sequin mini skirt £350.00

Black sequin and beaded jacket £480.00

Celine black silk shirt with neck tie £100.00

Alaia black body £380.00

Grey rabbit fur cape £380.00

Valentino black velvet skirt £160.00


How I put my work together

Obviously, After the hair, makeup, styling and photography was done, I went through all the pictures and selected my favourite ones to edit. I always try my hardest and make sure photographs are taking well so I don’t spend long editing them – Anyways, After I selected my images I played around with photoshop and had to make my images presentable. I created a LookBook using InDesign and also added more details related to my theme.  Now wordpress won’t allow me to upload the whole look book but I screenshot some of it for you guys to see.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 23.44.24 Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 23.44.43 Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 23.44.57 Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 23.45.11 Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 23.45.25

Hair, Makeup, Styling and Photography- all by myself 🙂

Hope you guys like it. Have a good day, I am going to take pictures of my new outfit. Ready for SS15 🙂


Love you all

Yazzy K XO


Hey guys,


So, a few days ago I shockingly found amazing pieces of vintage jewelry in my mum’s jewelry box. Ever since I have been keen to see them style with traditional garments, and this is exactly what I did today. After spending days searching the house and my mum’s traveling suitcases I finally found this beautiful and colourful traditional Afghan outfit. I just had to wear them and see the full style look.

The traditional dress code for women in Afghanistan is very unique as everything is handmade. The dresses are made of cotton with a combination of different colours with matching trousers, headscarf and a flat pair of shoes, which are called Paizar.

Since my social life is dead right now and no events planned in the next few days or weeks, to wear this stunning outfit I decided to style them anyways. The weather was wet and grey so I quickly popped in to the studio to take a few snaps.

I think the over all style looks amazing, the contrasting colour of the garment, I absolutely adore the embroideries in the dress and the fine little details in the scarf and pants. A good attention has been paid to everything when making this costume.


So this is my traditional styled look


That was my traditional look, if I had the choice to pick and choose pieces and create my own styled look for this theme it would be completely different. As much as I loved the beautiful and colourful outfit with the jewelry, I felt a little supplicated. Everything felt too heavy for my body and I will not be able to wear all of that for a longer period of time during an event.


Because the jewelries are too colourful and heavy I would wear a simpler dress with very little details to make the jewelry stand out more. As much as I love the headpiece, I wouldn’t wear the full set. I decided not to bombard myself with all that heavy jewelery and just wear the one of the open bangles with the necklace and earrings.


My version of this theme

Life Is Too Short To Wear Boring Jewellery

Hey Lovers,

In my last post I mentioned that my mom has a big collection of jewellery, especially gold. When I opened her jewellery box, I was shocked to find these beautiful jewellery pieces. What I love about all these exquisite pieces of jewellery is that they all have history and a story behind how they ended in my my mum’s collection.

Inspiration from Bonita Chamberlin 


Here is a few images of my favourite pieces that I like and you can wear them.




I am not a big fan of gold jewelries so I didn’t really try anything on but took a few snaps of the rings, necklaces and bracelets that I liked.  All these golds are from different countries such as Afghanistan, Russia, Iran and Arabia.


The Gold gallery, Mama’s collection