Hi Guys,

I hope you’re all enjoying this lovely weather we are having as much as I am, I cannot believe how dark my skin has become. I am more tanned than when I was in Spain.

So, I have been going on about wireless festival for ever and finally I went for the full three days and now have the time to blog about it. Wireless Festival was amazing, I enjoyed every second of it to the fullest. There is no doubt or denying, I have already planned I am going again for the full three days next year.

Wireless day one:- 5AM alarm, 2 hours sleep and 3 hours drive, get the keys for the house we were renting for the long weekend, have brunch before heading to the Festival. We managed to do all of this with a little delay (London’s crazy Traffic- Londoners knows what I’m talking about) , getting lost (god knows how many times – we lost count) and finding a nice place to eat.

Best part of the festival – Of course after music and seeing all the amazing artists performance – in between the acts my fav thing is people watching. OMG I saw some amazing festival outfits which really inspired me, some really strange ones and some that should be banned for next year. Those who went knows exactly what I’m talking about.

Day one- I decided what I was going to wear days before so getting ready in the morning was not a challenge and I cannot believe it only took me 30 minutes. Day one was also very busy for me so I didn’t get the chance to take pictures on my camera but I have a few snaps on my phone and managed to take a few the next day with the same outfit (DW I didnt wear the same outfit twice – just to take pix :))


Makeup – This is my fav makeup look this summer, It is so easy to achieve in less then 30 minutes .

Hair – It was 30C that day and keeping my hair in a neat topknot was a great idea.

IMG_2665 IMG_2669 IMG_2686 IMG_2670 IMG_2691 IMG_2697




BUMBAG – Urban Outfitters 

Stay tuned, I will post day two and three soon.

           Lots of LOVE

           YazzyK xoxo



What is in my travel bag

Hi from Spain. 

Hope you’re all having a great time, I am currently relaxing in Palma Mallorca with my mom, just a few days relaxing and catching up with the sun. 

So whats in my travel bag– 

I travel very very light, never bother with a suitcase (my gym bag is my travel bag most of the time) and always mix n match my outfits- just a few shorts n vest be fine for me.  

Beach holiday- number one item is bikini of course- so here’s mine- funky, colourful and floral bikini from primark 

My Prada sunglasses– I am soo in love with this pair- it goes everywhere with me


Straw hat from primark-  just to go with my dress 


My camera– even tho mom is struggling badly to take pictures- I mean why is it soo hard to recognise a good and bad angle- but I still have this baby with me- need a canon stick- someone invent please- 

Makeup– addicted to makeup and experimenting with different products- I can’t express how hard it is every time to just get the basic you need- here’s what I have in Spain with me- 

 My brushes 
Lipsticks- some of my flav 


And eyeshadow palettes – my fav- inglot and Barry M starry eyed pallet 


 And the rest of my makeup- bourjois mix serum foundation- I am soo obsessed with this- perfect for my skin- body shop bronzer– perfect for cheeks and use it as eyeshadow sometimes, lip liner, mascara and L’oreal powder- just to get rid of the shin- 

And the most important item that I have been obsessed with – my selfie stick  

And my clothes some of the outfits I really like so I will reshoot them when I get back I don’t want to bother mom with photography etc we just having too much fun exploring this beautiful little island- I will be back soon and I cannot wait to post my outfits. 

Love you all

YazzyK xoxo