Hey loves,

Hows it going?

Did I just manage to get only one winter look done this winter? Hmmm… Can we just blame the horrible cold weather? I mean who wouldn’t love to stay at home in their pjs with a cuppa?

Ok lets just move on to Spring – This is my fave time of the year where everything change. Days are getting longer, I love finishing work and its still lit outside. I can even manage to to shoot on my days off.

So what do I like the most about days off? I just love spending hours digging into my wardrobe and putting an outfit together. Once I know I have an outfit ready everything else falls together by it self. I mean I know I am going to shoot obviously.

Second fave part is getting ready. I love taking the time to do my hair and makeup. About today – My amazing sister decided to style my hair for me. She said lets try vintage theme with a modern twist. We both love the theme of 60’s, so we agreed to go for big curly hair with a colourful headband. (this headband is my neck-scarf).

Dress – I wore this dress before but never had the chance to take pictures or anything so it was a perfect dress for today’s shoot. I bought this midi-dress from Zara a while ago and I love it. I think its a perfect fit (finding a good fit midi-dress for a short girl is hard).

How I got my perfect big curls – My sister decided to use a big curling wand to curl the hair- she then used heated rollers to set the hair for longer- Somehow this made the curls last all day.

I could literally write an essay about the details but lets just add the pictures- Guys give me some feedback. What do you think of this look?



Black Midi Dress: ZARA

Black Sued Fringe Sandals: NEW LOOK


Body Chain :  TOPSHOP

Black and rose gold Leather bag: MARKS AND SPENCER

Sunglasses: PRADA 

More posts coming soon – Stay tuned

Lots of  love – Yazzy K xoxo 



Hey loves, Hows everyone doing?

How amazing has the weather been for the past few days- best Sept/October weather ever.

So this post is called BLACK AND YELLOW – No No! I’m not talking about the song ‘Black and Yellow’ I am talking about my outfit.

Weather was so beautiful today, bright and sunny and black and yellow was such a good contrast. I purchased this black jumpsuit a while ago from River Island SALE and I have been meaning to write about it on my blog but never had the chance so today was just perfect- I MEAN I FELT LIKE MY OUTFIT WAS ON POINT. 

What do you guys think? I know I am so in love with black at the moment and adding that bit of yellow accessories to my outfit made such a big difference.

IMG_2804 IMG_2805 IMG_2806 IMG_2809 IMG_2813 IMG_2814 copy IMG_2821 IMG_2825 IMG_2826 IMG_2827 IMG_2832

Black JUMPSUIT – River Island

Yellow SANDALS- Dune London

Necklace – Zara

Sunglasses – Prada 


This will probably be my last summery look  as the weather is starting to get cold and I am digging my wardrobe and pulling forward all my autumn/winter clothes- So stay tuned for more posts.

Love you ALL

Yazzy K xx

What is in my travel bag

Hi from Spain. 

Hope you’re all having a great time, I am currently relaxing in Palma Mallorca with my mom, just a few days relaxing and catching up with the sun. 

So whats in my travel bag– 

I travel very very light, never bother with a suitcase (my gym bag is my travel bag most of the time) and always mix n match my outfits- just a few shorts n vest be fine for me.  

Beach holiday- number one item is bikini of course- so here’s mine- funky, colourful and floral bikini from primark 

My Prada sunglasses– I am soo in love with this pair- it goes everywhere with me


Straw hat from primark-  just to go with my dress 


My camera– even tho mom is struggling badly to take pictures- I mean why is it soo hard to recognise a good and bad angle- but I still have this baby with me- need a canon stick- someone invent please- 

Makeup– addicted to makeup and experimenting with different products- I can’t express how hard it is every time to just get the basic you need- here’s what I have in Spain with me- 

 My brushes 
Lipsticks- some of my flav 


And eyeshadow palettes – my fav- inglot and Barry M starry eyed pallet 


 And the rest of my makeup- bourjois mix serum foundation- I am soo obsessed with this- perfect for my skin- body shop bronzer– perfect for cheeks and use it as eyeshadow sometimes, lip liner, mascara and L’oreal powder- just to get rid of the shin- 

And the most important item that I have been obsessed with – my selfie stick  

And my clothes some of the outfits I really like so I will reshoot them when I get back I don’t want to bother mom with photography etc we just having too much fun exploring this beautiful little island- I will be back soon and I cannot wait to post my outfits. 

Love you all

YazzyK xoxo 

Casual Sunday

Hey Lovers,

I hope you all had a wonderful week and a great weekend.

After soo long I had a weekend off, as you all know when working in retail this doesn’t happen often.

My days off are all about family, the only two days I have breakfast and lunch with my family but this week it was a little different as we all had different plans. Saturday, instead of breakfast and lunch I only managed to go for coffee with my mom and sister and sunday was spent with my little sister. Since being the middle child I never had a close relationship with my siblings but when my older sister moved out and my little sister started college everything changed and we all become very close like best friends.

About today: we kept today very casual as it was sunday. obviously woke up late, took mom to car boot sale (she loves that) then went to watch the boys play football for about 30 minutes and then it was time to drive back and get my mom.

After all that hectic driving I finally got time to get ready for my lunch date with my sister.

The best part of today, was getting ready with my sister, blasting our music and helping each other doing our hair and makeup. I had my hair curly again because she forced me to, giving each other make up tips, sharing products and jokes.

I could literally write a whole essay about everything we got up to but am going straight to sharing my images. My outfit today was very simple, I wore my black skinny ripped jeans from Topshop, grey long sleeve top from New Look (kiddies section) and Black sandals. To finished the look by wearing my favourite coat from french connection.

heres some images…..

IMG_1480 IMG_1495 IMG_1485 Prada Sunglasses IMG_1482 IMG_1483 IMG_1462

Coat – French Connection

Jeans – Topshop

Sandals, Top – New Look

Sunglasses – Prada

Bag – Pull and Bear

And a few snaps while getting ready




I didn’t like the head piece




More posts soon just waiting for next day off.
Stay tuned
Love you all
Yaz K

Keep calm and ACE your interview

People always asked me how I am always confident when I go for job interview. I haven’t been to many but the ones I have been to i have been offered the job.

I know it’s nerve racking thinking about it, the questions you will be asked, what to wear, how to get there and so on and so fourth.

I always spend a few hours researching about the company, background, brand, who they are, when founded, by who, and why they should hire me. Believe me if know a few of these and mention it to them, it always makes you look like a keen candidate.

– Number one tip is to read the job description because thats what they are expecting you to answer. Always make them feel like they need you more than you need the job.

– speak clear and confidently, dont be afraid to make jokes and laugh- everyone loves a bit of humour.
if you always get nervous for interviews, then do practise interviews with friends or family you alternatively can go to as many interviews as you can possibly get because this does not only build your confidence but will also make you aware of your own value in the market.

Find out their strongest point (tell them this inspired you) and their weakest point ( how you can improve it) basically sell yourself as much as you can.

Talk about your experience and how relevant it is to this job, talk about yourself, your motivation and your goals. It is always nice to aim higher.

Before the interview my fav part is preparing the outfit, I have a whole collection of blazers and satin trousers some are even the same style but different colours. Cant go wrong with satin. I love the simplicity of black and white or just beige/camel colour As its not too much and of course you want your face to attract the interviewer. I know i am quite short in height but I always wear smart flat shoes, normally black with lace. At the moment i have an obsession with patent shoes, i just love how shiny and clean they look to complete your look.

For girls makeup is very important, I always go for a natural look, polished face, neat eyebrows and bright lipstick and don’t forget to smile.

Accessories, I have soo many of them, probably enough to open a little jewellery shop of my own, but i never wear them. For my latest interview I wore my  Swarovski necklace, simple but yet sophisticated to finish my look.

Heres some pictures. I was too excited for my interview and managed to get ready like an hour before. Enjoy.


Ready for my interview details are important IMG_0686


Blazer : H&M

Trousers: Karen Millen

Shoes: Dune London

Sunglasses: Prada

Watch: D&G