Hey loves,

Hows it going?

Did I just manage to get only one winter look done this winter? Hmmm… Can we just blame the horrible cold weather? I mean who wouldn’t love to stay at home in their pjs with a cuppa?

Ok lets just move on to Spring – This is my fave time of the year where everything change. Days are getting longer, I love finishing work and its still lit outside. I can even manage to to shoot on my days off.

So what do I like the most about days off? I just love spending hours digging into my wardrobe and putting an outfit together. Once I know I have an outfit ready everything else falls together by it self. I mean I know I am going to shoot obviously.

Second fave part is getting ready. I love taking the time to do my hair and makeup. About today – My amazing sister decided to style my hair for me. She said lets try vintage theme with a modern twist. We both love the theme of 60’s, so we agreed to go for big curly hair with a colourful headband. (this headband is my neck-scarf).

Dress – I wore this dress before but never had the chance to take pictures or anything so it was a perfect dress for today’s shoot. I bought this midi-dress from Zara a while ago and I love it. I think its a perfect fit (finding a good fit midi-dress for a short girl is hard).

How I got my perfect big curls – My sister decided to use a big curling wand to curl the hair- she then used heated rollers to set the hair for longer- Somehow this made the curls last all day.

I could literally write an essay about the details but lets just add the pictures- Guys give me some feedback. What do you think of this look?



Black Midi Dress: ZARA

Black Sued Fringe Sandals: NEW LOOK


Body Chain :  TOPSHOP

Black and rose gold Leather bag: MARKS AND SPENCER

Sunglasses: PRADA 

More posts coming soon – Stay tuned

Lots of  love – Yazzy K xoxo 



Hey loves, hows it going?

It has been a long time since my last post, I have been mega mega busy with my new job but I am so happy to finally have time to document my look today. So, for me, days off and holidays are all about family. I was so happy to finally get some time to spend with my sister. We love getting ready together, giving makeup tips, helping each other,  On top of everything, she takes my pictures. I can’t thank her enough for that.

Anyways, today we went out for dinner to our fav Italian restaurant to catch. Obviously before dinner she took my pictures which I will add to this post.

Todays look: I wore most of my fav winter pieces from my wardrobe. Fur Coat from River Island, my super comfy ankle boots from DUNE LONDON, my fav vintage leather bag.

What do you guys think of my winter look?


What I wore under my coat, My fav beige turtle neck  from H&M– this has been literally my fav piece this winter. I have them in every colour :P.

Sued skirt from Zara – Purchased a while ago but never had the chance to wear it.


Give me some feedback guys, What do you all think? what is your fav winter piece?


Tan Ankle boots: DUNE LONDON

Black Sued Skirt: ZARA

Beige Turtle Neck: H&M

Fur Coat: River Island

Stay tuned for more posts. I will try my best to keep up.

Love you all

Yazzy K





Hey loves, Hows everyone doing?

How amazing has the weather been for the past few days- best Sept/October weather ever.

So this post is called BLACK AND YELLOW – No No! I’m not talking about the song ‘Black and Yellow’ I am talking about my outfit.

Weather was so beautiful today, bright and sunny and black and yellow was such a good contrast. I purchased this black jumpsuit a while ago from River Island SALE and I have been meaning to write about it on my blog but never had the chance so today was just perfect- I MEAN I FELT LIKE MY OUTFIT WAS ON POINT. 

What do you guys think? I know I am so in love with black at the moment and adding that bit of yellow accessories to my outfit made such a big difference.

IMG_2804 IMG_2805 IMG_2806 IMG_2809 IMG_2813 IMG_2814 copy IMG_2821 IMG_2825 IMG_2826 IMG_2827 IMG_2832

Black JUMPSUIT – River Island

Yellow SANDALS- Dune London

Necklace – Zara

Sunglasses – Prada 


This will probably be my last summery look  as the weather is starting to get cold and I am digging my wardrobe and pulling forward all my autumn/winter clothes- So stay tuned for more posts.

Love you ALL

Yazzy K xx

Netherland- Road Trip Day Two

Hey guys…

Its 4 AM and I just got back from an amazing party-  I forgot how much effort it takes to get ready for a Persian party, it was definitely worth it tho.

This country is so beautiful, I just want to explore like every corner of it- My driving on the right side of the road is definitely improving apart from speeding- Expecting a few fines but thats the least of my worries for now.

Outfit- I decided to ditch the black for a change, I wore my navy and gold dress ( sample from Great plains London) such a brave decision… The dress had too much details so I didn’t bother with accessories-

Heres some pictures, I was too busy dancing and catching up with fams but managed to snap a few images of my outfit before going to the party.

IMG_2352 IMG_2354 IMG_2355 IMG_2360 IMG_2374 IMG_2375 IMG_2382 IMG_2387

Dress – Great Plains London – Sample

Shoes – Dune London

Bag- my Ipad case- From Dune London


Hey beautiful people, I hope you’re all having a great time.

Weather has been amazing for the past few days and I try to take advantage of it as much as I can, even it means chilling in the park during my lunch break.

Just a quick update first: I started this blog last year to explore my own fashion style but now, since I have been working full time I feel like I am documenting my outfits on my days off.


So many people asked me if my dress is vintage, if its been made for me and so on….

I purchased this dress a few days ago from Miss Selfridge’s SALE for only £12. I know its so cheap I couldn’t believe it either.

PS I CUT MY HAIR: Why?  I don’t even know that myself. I just managed to chop my pony and no time to go to the hairdressers to get it fixed but leaving it curly and messy is looking fine for now. Just need to avoid straightening it until its cut properly. Good change for the summer? Bravest thing I’v done so far

DAY OFF OOTD am just chilling – What do you guys think about my outfit?

IMG_1876 IMG_1883 IMG_1887 IMG_1893 IMG_1888 IMG_1895 IMG_1904 IMG_1916

FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender-3 FullSizeRender


Dress: Miss Selfridge

Shoes: Dune London

Nail polis: Rita Ora

Pearl Necklace: Primark

Bag: Zara

Ring: Vintage

Eye Hand chain: Topshop

Sunglasses: Prada

Hope you all like it. More posts on my next day off. Love you

Yazzy K XO



Hey lovers, I’m back home

Hope you all had a great week, I got back from Bulgaria last night- Some of you may know that Persians New Year is a few months late, yes we start the year from the first day of spring which is today.

Last night and today was all about family, getting ready for dinner, then lunch today and looking pretty…or at least I tried.

I literally had no time to go shopping so I been scraping my wardrobe to find a decent outfit and I think I did- Only because its all black

I will upload some images I took today- Nothing fancy they are all taken in my front room.

IMG_1748 IMG_1756 IMG_1759 IMG_1766 IMG_1767 IMG_1771 IMG_1773 IMG_1783 IMG_1792 IMG_1793


Leather Pants- New Look-

Top – Top shop-

Shoes – Dune London



Yes!!! I have been addicted to the colour black for as long as I can remember. I don’t know if its the absent of colour that I like or just the simplicity of BLACK.

Few days ago, I was window shopping (yes I do this every month before payday to make a wish list of what I want to buy) and I came across this beautiful leather skirt in Miss Selfridge SALE section for ONLY £15 . Even though I am petite and under size 6, they only had this skirt in size 8. Ofcourse, I am going to buy it if I like it and keep it in my wardrobe.

I have never been a fan of leather skirts, but what I love about this skirt is the length. For a size 8 woman this will be a lovely midi skirt but for me it is a little longer than midi size and this is what I liked about it. I could brighten this style up by adding colour but I kept it all black with my fav gold fringe necklace and navy heels.

I was only going out for coffee by the Docs in southampton and this outfit was perfect for the occasion, to finish the look and to make the black stand out a little I wore my Imperial wool coat from French Connection  (my fav coat this year). I am mega mega excited for French Connection’s SS15 collection, I have already made a wish list of clothes I want.

I will post the styled images of the collection soon.

Finally heres my look – The pictures were taken in the dar so may not be good quality. Apology for that.

finished look fringe necklace, gold rings Close up of my skirt High neck top Black Skirt


I never have my hair this curly, But someone left their curler in my room and I took full advantage of it.

More post soon

stay tuned

Yaz K xo


I fell in love with this coat from French Connection, I didn’t need it but want it and you know if I want it then it will deffo be in my wardrobe. The skirt I wore, its a size 6, I bought it 2yrs ago from H&M’s SALE for like £15 I think. I was size 10 then and because the skirt was soo cute I just wanted to keep in my wardrobe but hey 2years later I am wearing it.

Black and gold, perfect combination, and the coat to finish the look. Ready for lunch date 👌

So heres my look.



Skirt from: H&M

Necklace from: H&M

Shoes from: DUNE LONDON


The weather is beautiful today, sunny and warm. I took a few snaps of what I am wearing today and wanted to share them on my blog. So today I decided to wear red shorts (my fav colour), and black top. To give it the full summer vibe I wore the floral jacket. I wore this jacket before with a floral skirt/dress because I liked the idea of blending different patterns but today I quite like wearing one floral piece to make my outfit stand out a little.

If the pictures are not clear enough, then sorry, I took them with my iphone.

IMG_6075 IMG_6077 IMG_9934 IMG_9967

Red Shorts: Primark

Floral Jacket: Primark

Black T-shirt: H&M

Shoes: Dune London


You Inspired Me

So here’s an hour of my day in town people watching…

Name: Katie Mulliers                                    Age: 21


Do you have a blog or follow any fashion blogs?

 Yes, Frassy, Fanny Lyckman

 How do you define your personal style?

Depends on mood, Smart/Casual

Why are you dressed like this today?

 Comfortable and lazy day shopping.

Where do you get your inspirations from?

Bloggers and celebrities

How does it feel to know that your sense of style has inspired someone today?

Good, Inspiring. 

What I like about Katie’s style is the simplicity of black and white, blending the white casual jumper with leather pants and ankle boots.

Thank you Katie for taking the time to answer my questions and letting me take your picture. I love your style. x


Name: Ajie Silal                               Age: 21


Do you have a blog or follow any fashion blogs?

I mainly follow people on Instagram and Twitter

How do you define your personal style?

Sassy, Smart and Classy

Why are you dressed like this today?

  Just typical black for work

Where do you get your inspirations from?

Celebrities and fashion magazines

How does it feel to know that your sense of style has inspired someone today?


First of all I love your hair.

I like the use of big chunky gold jewellery with the black outfit and the open toe ankle boot are cute. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and letting me take your picture. x


Name: Jessica Kang                      Age: 25


Do you have a blog or follow any fashion blogs?

 No, But I follow yk-stylist blog and on instagram.

 How do you define your personal style?

 Laid back and Casual

Why are you dressed like this today?

Because I woke up in a casual/comfortable mood

Where do you get your inspirations from?

The Kardashians

How does it feel to know that your sense of style has inspired someone today?

Really cool, Love Fashion


We can definitely see that she gets her inspirations from the Kardashians, I love the oversized cardi, the wedge boots ( I have the same ones or similar) and the leather pants? I haven’t wore much leather for a while..

Thank you Jessica for taking the time to answer my questions and letting me take your picture. x

My interview list and picture gallery could  go on forever but I only posted three of them. Incase You guys been wondering what I am wearing today I will add a snap of myself and answer the same questions for you guys.

Name: Yaz (Yalda Kader)    Age: 22


Do you have a blog or follow any fashion blogs?

 Yes, I follow She wears fashion, beauty crush, Fashion for petites, sistasfromcali and my list could on forever, You can check my blog to see more.

How do you define your personal style?

Multi Cultural, Smart, Casual, colourful and comfortable.

Why are you dressed like this today?

 Not thinking twice about what I am wearing to uni today and my fav pink brogues to make the outfit stand out a little.

Where do you get your inspirations from?

Fashion blogs, magazines and people

How does it feel to know that your sense of style has inspired someone today?

 Amazing, I will continue to inspire you.


Heres some snaps of outfits that I liked people wearing today.

Thank you so much for stopping by to answer my questions and letting me take your picture. You’re all amazing. Stay fabulous. xx