Hey loves, hows it going?

It has been a long time since my last post, I have been mega mega busy with my new job but I am so happy to finally have time to document my look today. So, for me, days off and holidays are all about family. I was so happy to finally get some time to spend with my sister. We love getting ready together, giving makeup tips, helping each other,  On top of everything, she takes my pictures. I can’t thank her enough for that.

Anyways, today we went out for dinner to our fav Italian restaurant to catch. Obviously before dinner she took my pictures which I will add to this post.

Todays look: I wore most of my fav winter pieces from my wardrobe. Fur Coat from River Island, my super comfy ankle boots from DUNE LONDON, my fav vintage leather bag.

What do you guys think of my winter look?


What I wore under my coat, My fav beige turtle neck  from H&M– this has been literally my fav piece this winter. I have them in every colour :P.

Sued skirt from Zara – Purchased a while ago but never had the chance to wear it.


Give me some feedback guys, What do you all think? what is your fav winter piece?


Tan Ankle boots: DUNE LONDON

Black Sued Skirt: ZARA

Beige Turtle Neck: H&M

Fur Coat: River Island

Stay tuned for more posts. I will try my best to keep up.

Love you all

Yazzy K






Yes!!! I have been addicted to the colour black for as long as I can remember. I don’t know if its the absent of colour that I like or just the simplicity of BLACK.

Few days ago, I was window shopping (yes I do this every month before payday to make a wish list of what I want to buy) and I came across this beautiful leather skirt in Miss Selfridge SALE section for ONLY £15 . Even though I am petite and under size 6, they only had this skirt in size 8. Ofcourse, I am going to buy it if I like it and keep it in my wardrobe.

I have never been a fan of leather skirts, but what I love about this skirt is the length. For a size 8 woman this will be a lovely midi skirt but for me it is a little longer than midi size and this is what I liked about it. I could brighten this style up by adding colour but I kept it all black with my fav gold fringe necklace and navy heels.

I was only going out for coffee by the Docs in southampton and this outfit was perfect for the occasion, to finish the look and to make the black stand out a little I wore my Imperial wool coat from French Connection  (my fav coat this year). I am mega mega excited for French Connection’s SS15 collection, I have already made a wish list of clothes I want.

I will post the styled images of the collection soon.

Finally heres my look – The pictures were taken in the dar so may not be good quality. Apology for that.

finished look fringe necklace, gold rings Close up of my skirt High neck top Black Skirt


I never have my hair this curly, But someone left their curler in my room and I took full advantage of it.

More post soon

stay tuned

Yaz K xo

Trendy Thursday

I always find dressing up really fun and it’s the most exciting part of getting ready for me, but today I am having a little bit of a nightmare. I keep trying different things and feel like my body is screaming at me saying no I don’t like it. I have already tried two outfits but I feel like it’s not what I want to wear.

Here is the picture of the outfit I tried on earlier and I had to go back inside and get change to something I felt more comfortable in. You can probably tell from my facial expression that I am not happy.

The only thing I liked was the fur collar leather jacket and I definitely want to wear that and completely change everything else.

I hated the colour and size of the jeans and the top was only size 8 but was huge for me and I didn’t like the material as It didn’t feel nice on my skin. I really love the metallic pointed toe court shoes but feel like it’s not something I want to wear today.

And here is what I wore in the end uploading these quickly as I am already late for dinner with a friend.

Finally I am dressed and happy with what I am wearing, I purchased the jeans a while ago from New Look from their kids section and its a perfect length for me, I put them in the wash a few times to get the full denim look and the colour a little lighter. My outfit is not very matchy match today but I quite like how everything is standing out.

The jumper was purchased from Germany a while ago, I think it looks good with the denim jeans and heels.

Everything I am wearing here is all from my own wardrobe but will let you guys know what items are from my wish list this month.

Fure collar leather jacket: New Look

Sandals: New Look

Watch: D&G 

Rings: H&M

Bag: My own wardrobe but was purchased from Spain 2 years ago

Jumper: my own wardrobe but was purchased from Germany