Month: July 2015


Hey guys,

Wireless day one ended well. Day two, I had 10 hours sleep, shower and nice breakfast I am ready for the day . Can you guys believe it? I even managed to get ready early enough to snap a few pictures on my camera before leaving the house.

Anyone else went to wireless?? How amazing was avicii?? Deff my fav  🙌🏼 

Some images during the day…

 And when I found out selfie-stick was allowed it felt like all my prayers were heard- I mean who wouldnt like to have a selfiestick.

And the picture I took on my camera.

IMG_2588 IMG_2593 IMG_2597 IMG_2599 IMG_2607 IMG_2611 IMG_2612


Crop Fringe Top – Bought this from Spain- only €10

Denim Shorts – From New Look – Kiddies section ( small girl problem)

Checkered shirt – From Hollister 




Hi Guys,

I hope you’re all enjoying this lovely weather we are having as much as I am, I cannot believe how dark my skin has become. I am more tanned than when I was in Spain.

So, I have been going on about wireless festival for ever and finally I went for the full three days and now have the time to blog about it. Wireless Festival was amazing, I enjoyed every second of it to the fullest. There is no doubt or denying, I have already planned I am going again for the full three days next year.

Wireless day one:- 5AM alarm, 2 hours sleep and 3 hours drive, get the keys for the house we were renting for the long weekend, have brunch before heading to the Festival. We managed to do all of this with a little delay (London’s crazy Traffic- Londoners knows what I’m talking about) , getting lost (god knows how many times – we lost count) and finding a nice place to eat.

Best part of the festival – Of course after music and seeing all the amazing artists performance – in between the acts my fav thing is people watching. OMG I saw some amazing festival outfits which really inspired me, some really strange ones and some that should be banned for next year. Those who went knows exactly what I’m talking about.

Day one- I decided what I was going to wear days before so getting ready in the morning was not a challenge and I cannot believe it only took me 30 minutes. Day one was also very busy for me so I didn’t get the chance to take pictures on my camera but I have a few snaps on my phone and managed to take a few the next day with the same outfit (DW I didnt wear the same outfit twice – just to take pix :))


Makeup – This is my fav makeup look this summer, It is so easy to achieve in less then 30 minutes .

Hair – It was 30C that day and keeping my hair in a neat topknot was a great idea.

IMG_2665 IMG_2669 IMG_2686 IMG_2670 IMG_2691 IMG_2697




BUMBAG – Urban Outfitters 

Stay tuned, I will post day two and three soon.

           Lots of LOVE

           YazzyK xoxo



Hey lovers,

I know its late night, I just finished packing for wireless…Pheww..feels like I’m going on a mini holiday and god knows how many tops and shorts I packed.

So a while ago I posted a picture on instagram and said ” I will re-shoot this cuz I like my outfit”  but what do I like about it? The simplicity of white and colour? I don’t know. I guess I just like it because I like it.

I am still exploring my wardrobe and trying to blend with the trend instead of just going shopping to buy an outfit and shoot it for my blog. Its so crazy, I’m finding clothes that I never knew I had and they still have tags on. HAPPY DAYS 


Vintage Denim Jacket Topshop Mens sunglasses WHITE OOTD IMG_2577 IMG_2582 IMG_2576 IMG_2580 IMG_2573 IMG_2578

 White American Road Trip Tee I’m wearing in this picture, I purchased it last year from Bershka but never had the chance to wear it. I found this tee when I was packing for Spain and really liked with the white jeans.

Straight knee cut White Jeans–  SS15 H&M- Purchased recently to add to my collection.

Black Petja Leather Platform  SS15 French Connection – Purchased for summer, Literally the most comfortable sandals ever.

Sunglasses – Mens sunglasses from Topshop and NO I don’t care if they are mens sunglasses, if I like it then I will wear it.

Denim Jacket – Vintage- I had this jacket for so long but never had the chance to wear it, I will be rocking it this summer…

Bag – You guys seen it before in previous post. I bought this bag from Spain years ago and its still my fav.

This is it for now, Am off to WIRELESS FESTIVAL  in a few hours for 3 days. I will be posting pictures and videos on my Instagram and Twitter – make sure you guys are following.

Stay Tunned

Love you all

Yazzy K xoxo 

Netherland Road Trip – Day Three

Hey guys, How are you all??


So, I am back in the UK, and I know this post is late but hey better late than never.  You will never guess what happened? My camera’s battery went dead and I didn’t have my charger to charge it. This can only happen to me and NO I can’t even use selfie as an excuse. I got a little carried away with photography but you can’t blame me because Holland was beautiful I literally wanted to photograph every corner of it.

Anyways, lets talk outfit- What I love about being away is that I can dress how I like every day. So day three outfit, my super comfortable gold jumpsuit (Great Plains London Sample) Perfect for the weather. My camera was dead so I took a few snaps with my phone and when I got back I re-created the look because I loved my outfit – I kept everything the same apart from changing my messy hair to a nice and neat bun.

Some of the pictures I took in Holland…

image image

And finally the pictures I took today…

IMG_2454 IMG_2414 IMG_2410 IMG_2420 IMG_2428 IMG_2430 IMG_2434 IMG_2442

The weather was so hot today so I decided to have a neat bun- hair away from the face.


Gold sleeveless Jumpsuit- FCUK

Sandals – FCUK

Pink Bag- Zara

Rings and hand chain and necklace- Found them in my old jewellery box

This is it for now- more posts coming soon. I am now packing my stuff for wireless festival  in London and I really hope I can manage to snap some pictures and note to self  “take the charger for the camera”

Is anyone else going? I literally cannot express the excitement- I am going for the full three days-

Stay tuned

Love you all

Yazzy K XOXO