Good morning beautiful people, 

Just a quick post about my skin, I get soo many compliments about how perfect and smooth my skin is. The truth is, its not perfect. Infact am not happy with my skin at all but I do try my best to use products that are suitbale for me. 

So this morning while doing my makeup, I kind of documented the process so you can all see how I do it. 

Heres a picture with no makeup 

Yeah, this is my naked skin and am not ashamed because I know under the layers of makeup no girl will ever be happy with their skin- or at least am saying this to make myself feel better. 

  • First thing I use is the Body Shop VITAMIN C SKIN REVIVER.  I tried usinng soo many different moisturisers and this is the only one that works for my skin.  
  • I then apply my foundation- bourjois healthy mix foundation   
  • Can you see the difference, and how good the coverage is? I am soo obsessed with this foundation   
  • Eyeshadow- beleive it or not i have a small pallete from Inglot with only 4 shades of eyeshadow- I use the light colour under my eyes instead of concealer- this works perfect for me and I never get crease or breakage. I use the other two medium colours as eyeshadow and the very dark one for my eyebrows.

See the difference between my eyebrows??    I use white pencil to go under my eyebrows- this defines them a little more, I prefer this to eyeshadow. 

Once all done- mascara- I use different ones everyday as long as it colours my lashes am happy.  

  And bronzer- my everyday bronzer from the body shop- sometimes I use this as eyeshadow as well :p 


      And finally when all done we all need some lipstick 💋 

And just style ur hair —-  

Selfie during my shoot– same makeup just different lipstick   
Hows my great transformation??  

Products used 




 Have a great day everyone. 

More posts soon

Love you all xoxo   


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