Messy Dressing Table 

Good morning beautiful people. 

I woke up super early today and the sun is shinning- this instantly put me in a good mood so obviously I am not going to waste my last day off resting in bed. 

I woke up this morning and as soon as I opened my eyes I saw my messy dressing table. My dressing table is my fav piece of furniture in my bedroom- (every girls dream). Even with 9 draws and an amazing makeup storage box it still looks messy. I be honest, it hurts my eyes looking at it. First thing to do on my list is tidy this. Since I got back from Bulgaria, my house has been super busy with family around celebrating the persian new year- firsy day of spring I didnt have much time to clean. 

Heres some pictures of before It was tidied 

Beauty bloggers how do you store your make up  and how do you keep your table tidy and clean? I have soo much space and I’m still struggling- or maybe tooo many products, more than what I need and use. 

Cleaning makeup brushes- does anyone know any good makeup brush cleaner? I tried soo many but never satisfied so I always wash them by hands. 

Dirty brushes 

In a bucket of warm water with shampoo for 15 minutes once cleaned then mix a little bit of conditioner with clean water and rinse brushes. 

Once cleaned – leave to dry… 

Back to tidying and organising 

All foundations, powders and essential everyday palletes and  my contouring pallete in the bottom draw. 

Primers, blushers, bronsers, eyeshadows and eyeliner 

Lipsticks, eyelash curler, mascara, lipgloss, lip balm and my special thread for threading eyebrows etc

Sponges, and other bits n bobs 

Top draw is dedicated to my nail polishes

Now moving to basic everyday jewelries- 

All organised in their own little boxes 



More bracelets 


And finally its all done 

I think i did a pretty good job… I throw away soo much makeup, accessories etc and I dont feel guilty at all, because looking at my tidy dressing table feels good 👌. 

And finally time for myself- my skin definitely needs some attention… 

 I am waiting for this mask to dry then off to my nephews birthday party. 

Have a great sunday ya’ll 

Much love

Yazzy K xoxo 


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