Snowboarding in Bulgaria

Hey lovers. Hope you all been good. 

Firstly I would like to apologise for no posts. Everything was soo hectic back home until I left for Bulgaria. 

So, I had one week holiday left this year and i booked it a while ago. My original plan was to go on a road-trip with family but then the idea of snowboarding came from general chitchat about weather. We were talking about snow holiday and next thing I know snowboarding holiday was booked. Thanks to our amazing friend who planned and organised it all. 

I have never been on snow holiday before. Never been skiing or snowboarding either but the thought of it all got me excited and guess what guys? I can now snowboard, not saying I’m amazing but very impressed with my progress. Lets just say, I snowboarded everyday and I am still alive. 

I will attach some pictures I took, obviously when learning and fully dressed with wristgaurds and gloves its hard to use the phone. 

I already decided snowboarding now will happen at least a few times a year. I enjoyed it soo much. Next holiday, aiming to learn jumps n tricks- nothing wrong with aiming high. 

I am going to the spa now for a full body massage, getting ready for reality and flight back home tomorrow. 

Lots of love

Yazzy K xoxo 


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