Contouring – timehop 1 year ago 

Hey guys. 

I was just browsing my timehop app and came across some images of contouring my face.  

I dont contour everyday, only when I go out/wedding etc to structure my face a lite more and define my cheekbones. 

Soo heres how you do it. 

You all know that I always like to take shortcut with everything and with contouring I didnt bother with using the whole contoure pallets different shades etc but instead I used just two different shades of foundation from illamasqua (yes I am addicted and obssessed with Illamasqua products) light and dark. I used the dark shade for cheekbones, forhead line and top of ly nose then my normal skin foundation to blend. You can always use some bronzer to give it some glow, I used bonzer for my cheeks and eyeshadow. 

Step by step 

Hope u guys like it. Xo 


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