Feeling Floral

Hey guys ❤

 This look is all about floral print, I even painted little flowers on my nails, as you can all tell I am overly excited for summer, I know we still have a while to go.
So today the weather was gorgeous I just couldn’t resist not taking pictures of my outfit.

IMG_1653 IMG_1736 IMG_1646 IMG_1726 IMG_1723 IMG_1634 IMG_1685 IMG_1673 IMG_1679

Floral Pants and white Sandals – I ordered these online from Boohoo before going to Egypt but I never got the chance to wear them. I am sure you all know what girls are like when they go away, I literally take half of my wardrobe with me. I am glad I got the chance to wear them today. It was perfect for the weather.

Top – This little pretty 90s curve neck crop top, I bought it for a night out from Miss Selfridge. Perfect for summer- Now need to fix up my body.

Rings – I bought a whole bag of these pretty rings from H&M sale for £5, Cant go wrong with that can you? I always mix and match them with different outfits.

Bag – from Pull & Bear, I use this as a day bag and also evening bag to match outfits, I tuck the straps in and hold it under my arm (things we have to do)

Necklace – this beautiful necklace – I had it for years and finally wore it today for the first time. My mom bought this for me from carboot sale like 5 years ago but I never had the chance to wear it, I don’t normally Wear big or chunky necklaces but hey first time for everything.


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