Saw, like, want


A super-soft tencel shirt dress is a savvy warm-weather wardrobe addition. Wear ours with bare legs and a tan belt looped loosely at the waist.

I went shopping again making my wish list for payday, and I fell in love with this shirt dress and the soft spray skirt (wearing in my previous post). I had to buy the colourful skirt since I felt like I needed some colour in my wardrobe.
I know its too early to be thinking about dresses now but I would love to have this gorgeous shirt dress in my wardrobe waiting for summer days




I definitely don’t need this drees but really want it. I think someone needs to convince me a little….

I will let you guys know if I buy it.

Lots of love
Yazz K xo



  1. OMG this is what I was thinking about the other day as well. I am so excited for summer I am already planning what I’ll be wearing. I love this community because it lets me know there are others who feel similarly about certain things as I do. It’s a great feeling knowing that you’re not alone!

    Thanks for this post. I love this shirt dress!


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    1. Hey pretty girl, thank u.. I am obssessed with french connections ss15. And guess what? I went and bought the this shirt dress and pix will be posted soon. I am soo excited for summer and festivals. Need more inspirations… Xxx

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      1. Aww yea summer festival r the shit! I can’t wait for them either. Which ones r u going to? I am only going to Hungarian ones sadly 😀 and yea ur right shirt dresses are perfect for festivals, cute & comfy at the same time 😀

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