Month: February 2015

Behind the scene

Hey lovers,

Just a quick post, today I was going through some old images from last year and came across some pictures that was taking behind the scene while styling and doing some photography. Since those pictures have been taken I have progressed a lot in photography, makeup and styling. It is amazing to reflect back and see the difference.

Some behind scene pictures while styling my friend.







Some other crazy images I found. This is my photography behind the scene, helping a friend with her project. This was a last minute shoot in the classroom while everyone was studying hard for their finals.






A few images taking behind the scene, modelling my friends collection.








A few months ago I agreed to work with a photographer and a web-designer. In this project I was the stylist, all the clothes were purchased by the guy himself- (Jawid Sharif, persian/Afghan singer. Youtube him) and my job was to put them together to create a unique style. Smart/casual and behind the scene with musical instruments. This shoot was done for the launch of his new website.








I have soo many behind the scene pictures and try to take a few snaps every time I am doing a shoot because It shows all the hard work it takes to create an image. Its not all about studio an camera, there is so much more to it and it needs a lot of planning and a strong hard working group of people. These images are probably not the best quality as they were taken on my phone and some are found on timehop app but I just wanted to share them with you guys.

Lots of love
Yazzy K xo



Hey guys,

I hope you all had a great week.


A few days ago I posted a short article about my obsession with skirt dresses. So heres another post dedicated to another skirt-dress. I just couldn’t resist and waiting until payday felt too long so I just went and purchased the skirt dress I liked in French Connection.

I took the pictures on my day off, just a casual walk in the park with my sister, I didn’t think much about styling it or paying too much attention to details. Because the colour is quite strong for me (as I always wear black) I thought I would let it stand out and wear minimum jewellery, Just a few bracelets mom bought me from Turkey and my evil eye bracelet. Just a quick question, Those turkish evil/turkish eye bracelet etc, Do you guys believe that they protect you from Evil? I am a little two minded, I don’t know if I wear them to be protected from Evil or just as an accessory.

and some images… Excuse the messy hair- I made no effort whatsoever _ I

I needed my coat to keep warm IMG_1581 IMG_1626 Matching accessories IMG_1591 Yo go jump up in the air and go psycho Half Selfie

Only the shirt-dress was purchased and everything else was from my own wardrobe,

Stay tuned, more posts coming soon.

Lots of Love

Yazzy K XOX

My morning in london

Good morning everyone,

Yesterday, I had the most craziest morning ever. 5:30am alarm and then 7am train to london. Too much travelling for one day and I did not miss public transport or london tubes for sure. I had a work visit/meeting for an hour then spent another hour being a tourist exploring and had lunch before leaving back for home and back to work for 2hour.

Heres some snaps….





Lunch in Blueberry Bar.





And some inspirations from French Connection… I want this for wireless festival …



And more








Saw, like, want


A super-soft tencel shirt dress is a savvy warm-weather wardrobe addition. Wear ours with bare legs and a tan belt looped loosely at the waist.

I went shopping again making my wish list for payday, and I fell in love with this shirt dress and the soft spray skirt (wearing in my previous post). I had to buy the colourful skirt since I felt like I needed some colour in my wardrobe.
I know its too early to be thinking about dresses now but I would love to have this gorgeous shirt dress in my wardrobe waiting for summer days




I definitely don’t need this drees but really want it. I think someone needs to convince me a little….

I will let you guys know if I buy it.

Lots of love
Yazz K xo

If the colour fits, wear it

Hey guys,

I hope you all had a lovely week, great weekend and amazing Valentines day. Did anyone do anything Exciting? I spent the day producing some work, planning some shoots and shopping of course.

So, recently I have been dressing too much in the colour black and dark clothes, my excuse was the cold weather. Today I realised that shouldn’t be the excuse and I definitely need some colour in my life and clothes. While shopping and looking for some inspirations I came across this gorgeous colourful skirt from French Connection. It was like love at first site, and obviously I will buy it, without even thinking about how to style it. So i spent a couple of hours scraping my wardrobe and looking for other items of clothing to style this skirt. and here is my look.

I hope you guys like it.

IMG_1512 IMG_1519 IMG_1525 IMG_1527 IMG_1531 IMG_1533 IMG_1534 IMG_1536 IMG_1537 IMG_1552 IMG_1558 IMG_1561


Necklace – ZARA

Bag – From Spain

Sandals – Boohoo

Skirt – French Connection

Jacket – Miss selfridge


Stay tuned, more posts soon


Lots of love

Yazzy K XO

Casual Sunday

Hey Lovers,

I hope you all had a wonderful week and a great weekend.

After soo long I had a weekend off, as you all know when working in retail this doesn’t happen often.

My days off are all about family, the only two days I have breakfast and lunch with my family but this week it was a little different as we all had different plans. Saturday, instead of breakfast and lunch I only managed to go for coffee with my mom and sister and sunday was spent with my little sister. Since being the middle child I never had a close relationship with my siblings but when my older sister moved out and my little sister started college everything changed and we all become very close like best friends.

About today: we kept today very casual as it was sunday. obviously woke up late, took mom to car boot sale (she loves that) then went to watch the boys play football for about 30 minutes and then it was time to drive back and get my mom.

After all that hectic driving I finally got time to get ready for my lunch date with my sister.

The best part of today, was getting ready with my sister, blasting our music and helping each other doing our hair and makeup. I had my hair curly again because she forced me to, giving each other make up tips, sharing products and jokes.

I could literally write a whole essay about everything we got up to but am going straight to sharing my images. My outfit today was very simple, I wore my black skinny ripped jeans from Topshop, grey long sleeve top from New Look (kiddies section) and Black sandals. To finished the look by wearing my favourite coat from french connection.

heres some images…..

IMG_1480 IMG_1495 IMG_1485 Prada Sunglasses IMG_1482 IMG_1483 IMG_1462

Coat – French Connection

Jeans – Topshop

Sandals, Top – New Look

Sunglasses – Prada

Bag – Pull and Bear

And a few snaps while getting ready




I didn’t like the head piece




More posts soon just waiting for next day off.
Stay tuned
Love you all
Yaz K

Walk, Look, See, Stop, Photograph

Do you guys ever feel like your reaction is much faster when you are holding a camera? I do, every time I am holding my camera, I feel like I want to capture moments and keep them forever.

A while ago, my niece and nephew were playing outside our house, I was sat  playing with my cameras settings. The scream and laughter of these two kids distracted me from what I was doing. I looked up and it  felt like  these two beautiful kids playing, jumping, screaming and laughing in slow motion, full of life and energy.

Talking about quick reaction, I picked up my camera and I just wanted to capture the energy, the movement,  memories and moments. It is so strange that every time I look at these images I remember the exact moment of how I felt and the slow motion movements.

I will attache some images, I know it is nothing to do with fashion or styling but it is something important and very special to me so obviously I am going to share it with you guys.


Her name is Diya but we call her Dee for short or Princess

Her name is Diya but we call her Dee for short or Princess

His name is Abdullah but I call him Chubdullah cuz he's zoo chub

His name is Abdullah but I call him Chubdullah cuz he’s zoo chub

Then She said let me smell….

She can be a sprinter

She can be a sprinter

But no!!!!

But no!!!!

She said she's the princess

She said she’s the princess

Wearing her princess dress

Wearing her princess dress

Yeah making it obvious

Yeah making it obvious

Seriously though…move….

Seriously though…move….

Sibling love

and then Chubba said hey stop it

and then Chubba said hey stop it

Then he said Oh let me fix my hair...

Then he said Oh let me fix my hair…

this was his pose lol

this was his pose lol

2nd attempt, Not bad

2nd attempt, Not bad

3rd attempted was deff a fail

3rd attempted was deff a fail

Then Diya pushed him away so she can pose

Then Diya pushed him away so she can pose