Keep calm and ACE your interview

People always asked me how I am always confident when I go for job interview. I haven’t been to many but the ones I have been to i have been offered the job.

I know it’s nerve racking thinking about it, the questions you will be asked, what to wear, how to get there and so on and so fourth.

I always spend a few hours researching about the company, background, brand, who they are, when founded, by who, and why they should hire me. Believe me if know a few of these and mention it to them, it always makes you look like a keen candidate.

– Number one tip is to read the job description because thats what they are expecting you to answer. Always make them feel like they need you more than you need the job.

– speak clear and confidently, dont be afraid to make jokes and laugh- everyone loves a bit of humour.
if you always get nervous for interviews, then do practise interviews with friends or family you alternatively can go to as many interviews as you can possibly get because this does not only build your confidence but will also make you aware of your own value in the market.

Find out their strongest point (tell them this inspired you) and their weakest point ( how you can improve it) basically sell yourself as much as you can.

Talk about your experience and how relevant it is to this job, talk about yourself, your motivation and your goals. It is always nice to aim higher.

Before the interview my fav part is preparing the outfit, I have a whole collection of blazers and satin trousers some are even the same style but different colours. Cant go wrong with satin. I love the simplicity of black and white or just beige/camel colour As its not too much and of course you want your face to attract the interviewer. I know i am quite short in height but I always wear smart flat shoes, normally black with lace. At the moment i have an obsession with patent shoes, i just love how shiny and clean they look to complete your look.

For girls makeup is very important, I always go for a natural look, polished face, neat eyebrows and bright lipstick and don’t forget to smile.

Accessories, I have soo many of them, probably enough to open a little jewellery shop of my own, but i never wear them. For my latest interview I wore my  Swarovski necklace, simple but yet sophisticated to finish my look.

Heres some pictures. I was too excited for my interview and managed to get ready like an hour before. Enjoy.


Ready for my interview details are important IMG_0686


Blazer : H&M

Trousers: Karen Millen

Shoes: Dune London

Sunglasses: Prada

Watch: D&G




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