Hello…. I am back

Hey guys whats up??

Its been months since my last post, I produced so much work but unfortunately I never had the time to post them. So this post is just a quick update on what has been happening in my life for the past few months.

1- I graduated University with a 2:1 in Fashion Styling with Makeup and Hair Design.

2- left my old job and got a new job- full time (one of the reasons for not blogging)

3- Treated myself to a new car. Yes, Mini cooper convertible in black, the car i wanted for a long time.

4- Went to Egypt- Sharm El sheikh- just a quick break- well needed.

5- I went to Wireless festival in London, it was my first ever festival and I loved every second of it. Already decided that I am going for the full 3days next year as i only went for 2 this time.

6- I took swimming lesson- Yes you read that right. I have been petrified of water/swimming and one of my biggest goals this year was to get over it. The only way I could do this was by taking swimming lesson and I am glad to say I can swim now.

7- I went scuba diving- after learning to swim I felt a little to brave and went scuba diving in Egypt, it was such an amazing experience and I loved it. Red sea is one of the most beautiful places for snorkelling and scuba diving.

8- Been feeling lost, confused and finding really difficult to adjust to adulthood. I still feel like a typical student, finding working full time very hard. Is this normal? Because I thought after a month or two I will get used to it but no I was wrong… This is something I am still trying to figure out.

9- I continued with photography and produced some good images- yes me and my camera are becoming best buddies.

10- I collaborated with a few friends helping with styling, modelling and makeup- always good to help others, you never know when you need them to do the same for you. Well i hope they do.

11- I was really unwell. Thank god feeling much better now positive and motivated.

12- Attended a few vintage fairs in my city, unfortunately I did not find anything nice to buy. But always next time and maybe I need to start looking harder- any tips on how to find good vintage stuff- feel free to share.

13- I been offered other jobs but turned them down 👎 purely because when the person called me for the interview didn’t excite me enough to say yes, and not know what I exactly want to do career wise is making it harder for me. My excuse for this is – I am still in the student mode…

This could go on and on and on but lets leave it here… I shall update you guys soon with my work.

Lots of love

Some snaps from summer 2014

Roll on 2015
























  1. Seems like such an amazing vacation. Really nice photos too. By all means I don’t mean to be butting in and it’s your blog, but I think it would really spice up your blog if you did some of those editorialesque shoots kayture.com (and most other, similar blogs) are well-known for because your outfits are always on point and you are really pretty. Like, seriously. Way prettier than most bloggers out there. (Probably including me. lol)


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    1. Hey thanks again, It is difficult with working full time but I am trying to adjust and get time for blogging as well. More work of my own is needed before that. This blog is like my little space where I can express my love for fashion and styling as well as my own style which I am still trying to figure out. Check out my portfolio for more professional work. http://yk-stylist.4ormat.com


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