Month: January 2015


Yes!!! I have been addicted to the colour black for as long as I can remember. I don’t know if its the absent of colour that I like or just the simplicity of BLACK.

Few days ago, I was window shopping (yes I do this every month before payday to make a wish list of what I want to buy) and I came across this beautiful leather skirt in Miss Selfridge SALE section for ONLY £15 . Even though I am petite and under size 6, they only had this skirt in size 8. Ofcourse, I am going to buy it if I like it and keep it in my wardrobe.

I have never been a fan of leather skirts, but what I love about this skirt is the length. For a size 8 woman this will be a lovely midi skirt but for me it is a little longer than midi size and this is what I liked about it. I could brighten this style up by adding colour but I kept it all black with my fav gold fringe necklace and navy heels.

I was only going out for coffee by the Docs in southampton and this outfit was perfect for the occasion, to finish the look and to make the black stand out a little I wore my Imperial wool coat from French Connection  (my fav coat this year). I am mega mega excited for French Connection’s SS15 collection, I have already made a wish list of clothes I want.

I will post the styled images of the collection soon.

Finally heres my look – The pictures were taken in the dar so may not be good quality. Apology for that.

finished look fringe necklace, gold rings Close up of my skirt High neck top Black Skirt


I never have my hair this curly, But someone left their curler in my room and I took full advantage of it.

More post soon

stay tuned

Yaz K xo


Keep calm and ACE your interview

People always asked me how I am always confident when I go for job interview. I haven’t been to many but the ones I have been to i have been offered the job.

I know it’s nerve racking thinking about it, the questions you will be asked, what to wear, how to get there and so on and so fourth.

I always spend a few hours researching about the company, background, brand, who they are, when founded, by who, and why they should hire me. Believe me if know a few of these and mention it to them, it always makes you look like a keen candidate.

– Number one tip is to read the job description because thats what they are expecting you to answer. Always make them feel like they need you more than you need the job.

– speak clear and confidently, dont be afraid to make jokes and laugh- everyone loves a bit of humour.
if you always get nervous for interviews, then do practise interviews with friends or family you alternatively can go to as many interviews as you can possibly get because this does not only build your confidence but will also make you aware of your own value in the market.

Find out their strongest point (tell them this inspired you) and their weakest point ( how you can improve it) basically sell yourself as much as you can.

Talk about your experience and how relevant it is to this job, talk about yourself, your motivation and your goals. It is always nice to aim higher.

Before the interview my fav part is preparing the outfit, I have a whole collection of blazers and satin trousers some are even the same style but different colours. Cant go wrong with satin. I love the simplicity of black and white or just beige/camel colour As its not too much and of course you want your face to attract the interviewer. I know i am quite short in height but I always wear smart flat shoes, normally black with lace. At the moment i have an obsession with patent shoes, i just love how shiny and clean they look to complete your look.

For girls makeup is very important, I always go for a natural look, polished face, neat eyebrows and bright lipstick and don’t forget to smile.

Accessories, I have soo many of them, probably enough to open a little jewellery shop of my own, but i never wear them. For my latest interview I wore my  Swarovski necklace, simple but yet sophisticated to finish my look.

Heres some pictures. I was too excited for my interview and managed to get ready like an hour before. Enjoy.


Ready for my interview details are important IMG_0686


Blazer : H&M

Trousers: Karen Millen

Shoes: Dune London

Sunglasses: Prada

Watch: D&G



I fell in love with this coat from French Connection, I didn’t need it but want it and you know if I want it then it will deffo be in my wardrobe. The skirt I wore, its a size 6, I bought it 2yrs ago from H&M’s SALE for like £15 I think. I was size 10 then and because the skirt was soo cute I just wanted to keep in my wardrobe but hey 2years later I am wearing it.

Black and gold, perfect combination, and the coat to finish the look. Ready for lunch date 👌

So heres my look.



Skirt from: H&M

Necklace from: H&M

Shoes from: DUNE LONDON

Decide Commit Succeed

Just a quick post,

I Was going through my pictures today and came across some images that was taken on the day of our private viewing at uni. They Brought back soo many good memories so of course I had to write about it.
The private viewing was the first show where our Final Major Projects were exhibited for students, friends and family to see before anyone else.

This was the moment of truth for everyone, where we didn’t just see our work, we got to see our hard work, effort, sleepless nights and spending hours in the library paying off. Such an emotional day/ evening full of joy and happiness. Of course the end of uni life and the new chapter of adulthood started.

I could literally write for hours but will stop here and attach some images for you guys to see and enjoy











Graduation….My biggest Achievement in life

So, here is a post of my biggest achievement in my life. Finally after a hard few years I can call myself a graduate.

There is no denying, it has been a tough journey and I am glad to say that I made it. I passed with a good grade and graduated a few weeks ago.

Do you guys ever think about your biggest achievement in life?
Education is very important in my family, we have always been encouraged to study as much as possible. Like they say ‘you can never be over educated’.

University life started really fun, one mistake I made was not moving out to get the full student experience but on the bright side I never had to worry about paying bills, rent etc and living at home with family was far more comfortable. The support I received from friends and family during the last year was just a bonus. I must admit I couldn’t have done it without them. I am so lucky and grateful to be surrounded by so many amazing and positive people.

Long story cut short, first year of university was all about getting to know everyone, attending all the house parties, and going out partying like almost every night and all sorts of social events. For the first few terms I just did the minimum to pass. Experimenting as much as possible was key for me. This included testing my photography skills, extending my knowledge in PS, InDesign, and learning the basic of a few other softwares.

Second year- partying less and producing more work and aiming to submit on time and Getting ready for final year. This made me realise in order to do well and finish with a good grade I needed to be more organised and that was my aim for the final year.

Final year… Partying completely stopped I felt very unsociable i even stopped attending family parties however I have no regrets, i managed to work even harder and gave it my best shot. I am pleased to say that working hard will always pay off. I also managed to submit all my work on time and some even hours before the deadline, after a few break downs and tears and drinking unlimited coffees and red bulls.

Overall, university experience was great for me, learned soo much, changed soo much met some amazing people as well as getting all my work done.

My education is done but what do I do now? I am so confused but I guess this is normal. I never thought about a career while at uni and I have decided I am not going to force myself into a job that I don’t like… I mean common, I worked so hard for my degree that something good must come my way…

This is not the end but just the beginning of a new chapter in my life….

Heres a few snaps of my graduation day…


Yaz Grad

Yaz Graduation day

Yaz Graduation day

Family is everything, I am so grateful to have such an amazing parents who invested all they had in us <3

Family is everything, I am so grateful to have such an amazing parents who invested all they had in us ❤

Selfie with my Bro

Selfie with my Bro

Hello…. I am back

Hey guys whats up??

Its been months since my last post, I produced so much work but unfortunately I never had the time to post them. So this post is just a quick update on what has been happening in my life for the past few months.

1- I graduated University with a 2:1 in Fashion Styling with Makeup and Hair Design.

2- left my old job and got a new job- full time (one of the reasons for not blogging)

3- Treated myself to a new car. Yes, Mini cooper convertible in black, the car i wanted for a long time.

4- Went to Egypt- Sharm El sheikh- just a quick break- well needed.

5- I went to Wireless festival in London, it was my first ever festival and I loved every second of it. Already decided that I am going for the full 3days next year as i only went for 2 this time.

6- I took swimming lesson- Yes you read that right. I have been petrified of water/swimming and one of my biggest goals this year was to get over it. The only way I could do this was by taking swimming lesson and I am glad to say I can swim now.

7- I went scuba diving- after learning to swim I felt a little to brave and went scuba diving in Egypt, it was such an amazing experience and I loved it. Red sea is one of the most beautiful places for snorkelling and scuba diving.

8- Been feeling lost, confused and finding really difficult to adjust to adulthood. I still feel like a typical student, finding working full time very hard. Is this normal? Because I thought after a month or two I will get used to it but no I was wrong… This is something I am still trying to figure out.

9- I continued with photography and produced some good images- yes me and my camera are becoming best buddies.

10- I collaborated with a few friends helping with styling, modelling and makeup- always good to help others, you never know when you need them to do the same for you. Well i hope they do.

11- I was really unwell. Thank god feeling much better now positive and motivated.

12- Attended a few vintage fairs in my city, unfortunately I did not find anything nice to buy. But always next time and maybe I need to start looking harder- any tips on how to find good vintage stuff- feel free to share.

13- I been offered other jobs but turned them down 👎 purely because when the person called me for the interview didn’t excite me enough to say yes, and not know what I exactly want to do career wise is making it harder for me. My excuse for this is – I am still in the student mode…

This could go on and on and on but lets leave it here… I shall update you guys soon with my work.

Lots of love

Some snaps from summer 2014

Roll on 2015