60’s Vibe

Hey guys,

Firstly I would like to apologies for not being able to post as often as I have wanted too. I have been mega busy with leaving uni and trying to get back to my normal self after the stress of deadlines.

But on the bright side, I have some good news, I have some amazing work produced in the past few weeks that I would like to share them with you guys on my blog.

So, I am going to start posting from my most favorite shoot that I did based on 60’s fashion and style.

Those who know me would already know that I am totally obsessed with 1960’s fashion and I always create something with this theme once in a while. This time I asked my friend to model for me and I was the stylist, Hair and Makeup artist and the photographer.

Anyways, the final outcome of this shoot is 5 styled photographs based on the theme of 1960s but is still current trend. The 5 photographs features the 1960’s Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and any other occasion.

The spring look features pink fitted trousers with a sleeveless green shirt, brown sandals and a matching handbag with a long strap to finish the style. During the 60s matching item of clothing wore were becoming increasingly popular and affordable to people. Today, it is still important to have at least one item matching with the resting of your clothing.

The summer look is also very colourful with a shift dress and pale pink high heel sandals, which was on of the key item of clothing in the 60s mainly worn by Twiggy and J.Kennedy. This kind of style could be used as general every daywear or evening depending on how the person wish to wear it. During Spring/summer 2014 colourful shift dresses with big patterns were almost sold at every store from high street to luxury designer. This shows that current fashion and style is still influenced by the theme of the 1960s.

Autumn and winter style is using beige colour coat with fur scarf and hat. Due to fast fashion production, fur did no longer needed to be real and costly. Many fake copies were being created almost similar to the real ones but
at a lower price and available to everyone who wished to purchase. Fur hat, scarf and coats were one of the key items of autumn/winter 2014.

Other occasion look with big sunglasses, and a headscarf is a style that is now mainly used by older women who lived in the 60s and has still kept their style in 21st century. Sunglasses and scarves are popular item of clothing all year round now. This is something that will never be out of fashion as people can use them as an item of clothing or accessories.

The model has a tanned skin, wearing pink lipstick and dark eyeliner and big, this was one of the most important makeup look.
Bright colours in clothing and big sunglasses were also the main features of that era’s fashion and style. This is still current now. The beauty look of the 60 is possible to achieve more easily and a lot more products available to people.

Overall the styled photographs exemplify that the era 1960 has inspired many designers and companies in order for them to keep going in history in reproducing the clothing. The style and makeup from the 1960 is still easily achievable with the great beauty products and affordable clothing’s available to people.


And by the way, everything is from my own wardrobe 🙂

60s floral dress

Dress: Warehouse

Shoes VIntage




Shirt: Vintage

Bag: Dune London

Shoes: Dune London

pink trousers: Republic

60's beehive 60s snake skin ankle boots

Coat: dorothy perkins

Bag: Dune London

Snakeskin boots: Dune London

60s dress stare forward


Scarf: Tie Rack




    1. Thank you. I got that dress as a birthday present few years ago and its still my fav. And thank you for nominating me as an inspiring blogger. Much appreciated 😘 XO


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