Because I am Feeling Generous

Hey guys,

Today, I spent an hour clearing my wardrobe making space fore more clothes shopping. Every year, I do two major clothes shopping for Spring/Summer and Autumn/winter. This means more space in the wardrobe is needed and the only way I can do this is to replace old clothes with some new ones.

So, this time I decided to donate some of my clothes to charity, I will probably sound like a typical artist saying this, but, I don’t like selling and getting money for things that I love and purchased with love once. Some of the clothes I am giving away today are really old, from when I was 16-18.

I am going to give away some of my black dresses, I have been obsessed with the colour black ‘for like ever’, but finally decided to have more colourful dresses for the summer and it is now time to let go of black for a while.

Those who visit my blog and have seen some of my work, I am very multicultural, I have an Indian (gujrati) outfit which was given to me to wear at an Asian event a while ago. I have added this to my charity list, as I feel like there wont be any event to wear them again for a while.

I will attach galleries of everything that is going to charity from my wardrobe today.

First Dress: I bought this for a birthday party when I was 16 and guess what? It still fits me today! I will attach images of how I wore the dress then and now ( I manage to get some of the pictures from Facebook, sorry if they are not good quality).

This black dress was purchased when I was 17 and I only wore it once to a wedding in London, I only managed to find one picture of how I wore it then.

The 3rd dress I am giving away black as well, I purchased this from Marks and Spencer’s Kids section for a wedding in Germany. It was a last minute trip, We decided to go to Germany and went on the same day. I had no time to shop around for a dress and with my 5.2 height It has always been really difficult to find a dress that fits properly.

This dress below, I just bought because it was black and I really liked the feather around the shoulder and the fact that the feather can be detached from the dress. I never wore this dress and I don’t think I ever will. So, it is time to let go of it, maybe someone else will buy it from a charity shop and will actually wear it.

The list of black dresses going to charity could go on forever but I will stop here. I will attach some images of the Indian outfit I am giving away. I love this outfit but unfortunately I will never wear it again and I would rather fill the space with another outfit that I will wear this summer, no harm in giving it away.

The list of clothing I am giving away could go on forever and flood this post with images but I will stop here. I also added a few other items such as my first ever hair curler, my first leather purse and other leather items of accoessories that I don’t use anymore.

I haven’t been able to post as often as I want to due to uni work and deadlines but I have some interesting and exciting beauty posts to do soon. Stay tuned… Love you all XO…


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