I Dare You To Do It Yourself

How to get the perfect hair colour for this summer.

Yesterday, I went hair product shopping with a friend and abused her Sally’s loyalty card. Since the weather is getting warmer I wanted to change my hair colour for the summer. Having tanned skin and dark features, I feel like I am very limited to what I can do to my hair to suit my skin colour without looking silly. Going lighter than a chocolate brown is not even an option to consider, so I decided to experiment with bleach and dip dye my hair myself.

I don’t know why, but I am one of those people who are never satisfied with the treatment from salons. It never meets my expectations and I always seem to be happy with what I can do myself, wither it is makeup, shaping eyebrows or colouring hair, I even cut my own hair.

So here’s the experiment I did and I am very pleased with the result. I can’t believe how easy it was. I will share my tips with you guys step by step; I feel like this is something anyone can do at home.

List of products you need:

Bleach (I used blonder by Wella)

Crème Peroxide (If you have dark hair you need the highest volume, I used 12% which is 40 Volume)

Colour (any colour You want, I used blonde to cancel the red and give me the warm blonde dips)

Conditioner (I used L’Oreal ‘Vitamino color’, this is a good conditioner for coloured hair)

Mixing bowl, Brush and gloves.

How you do it:

  1. Mix the bleach powder with the crème peroxide. The ratio for this is 1:1
  2. Section hair and start applying to the hair
  3. Keep testing the elasticity of the hair making sure its not damaging.
  4. When happy with the colour rinse and if you want to apply another colour after DO NOT CONDITION YOUR HAIR.
  5. When all the colouring part is done, you can apply conditioner

Here is a step by step images of how I dip-dyed my hair.



  1. nice color:) I love how it turned out on you. I tried coloring my hair once at home, with the help of my roommate, but I think because we didn’t use bleach, the color didn’t show so much on my hair.
    Van from Fashion for Petites


    1. Hey, you must use bleach if your hair is dark or have been coloured before. The bleach takes out all the colour from hair and then you can apply any other colour you want. I was really impressed with the colour. And I hope this step my step guide can help you for next time. xo


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