People Call It Shopping Trip: I Call It Trip To Heaven

Hello lovers,

Thursday night was student lock in Southampton Westquay. This is a special shopping event that is just for students where all the shops and restaurants have exclusive discounts, offers and freebies.

I will be honest, I didn’t need to buy anything but the offers were very tempting. One place where I spend most of my money to shop was not doing anything for this event, but this did not stop me from buying from the store.

My first stop was the M.A.C store ‘a girl can never have enough makeup’. This motivated me to purchase four new lipsticks. Relentlessly red, please me, flat fabulous and velvet teddy. I also purchased the ‘Soft and gentle mineralize skin finish’. When the lady behind the counter said that Kim Kardashian uses this on her skin I just had to buy it. I absolutely love Kim’s Makeup and how beautifully every product is applied, flawless all the time. The lady behind the counter also gave me some lose powder and concealer sample to try and see if I like them.

Next stop was the ‘Boux Avenue’. Keeping in mind that I don’t need anything, what tempted me to shop there was the freebies. I love getting freebies, believe it or not I spent way more than I wanted to just to get the freebies bag.

What was in my freebie bag? A pink mirror and a little bag of bath salt. This really disappointed me, the bag was so big and the amount of money I spent obviously I was expecting more to be in the bag. So, I bought a hand cream and lip balm, chucked it in the freebie bag and pretended I got all of them for free. This actually made me feel better.

What was the hi-light of my shopping trip? Or shall I say trip to heaven.

What made my shopping trip really exciting and worth spending the time wondering around was that I met some amazing people. Now this doesn’t happen very often in Southampton I must say.

Jessica Wright from ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ had her little cute pop up store in Westquay where she was selling her own brand clothing and accessories.

Lets put all the TOWIE drama behind us, from talking to Jessica and her boyfriend Ricky in person, they are amazing people and nothing like the way they act and talk in TOWIE. I will admit, I wasn’t Ricky’s biggest fan from watching TOWIE but after meeting him in person, he’s actually a real nice guy. The most adorable person and who actually made me smile was Nanny Pat Carol. It was a good experience shopping and meeting these nice people in person. I personally believe Jessica and Ricky are the power couple. Ricky spent 2 days in Southampton supporting Jessica with her pop up store.


I could sit here and write for hours about my shopping experience but that’s just the hi-light of 2 hours spent in Southampton west quay. I will attach some images in a gallery blow.

Enjoy and stay beautiful. Xoxo


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