What inspires me?

Good morning lovely people,


Do you guys ever think really hard about what inspires you the most?

Obviously as well as following all the amazing fashion blogs, stylist Instagram and following all these amazing people on twitter, liking all the fashion pages on Facebook and religiously reading all the fashion magazines to be on the ‘know’ side of fashion and trend. It took me a while to think and realise what actually inspires me the most.

Do you guys ever walk around town and stare at people when you like their style or anything that they are wearing? Lets admit it we all do that at some point.

Recently, people watching has become like a habit. I even sit outside on my lunch break at work or uni and look at people and think to myself, why are they dressed the way they have? What do they actually think about their own style and where do they get their inspirations from?

I am so eager to know all the answers to my questions. So I made a little plan today. I am going to pop into town (luckily its 5 minutes walk from my uni and I will have my camera with me) for an hour and ask people a few quick questions about their style and inspirations and take their pictures to share with you all.

Stay tuned to know more… xoxo



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