Checker Print Is Back

When I think tartan I instantly think of the 80s Punk Rock trend but now, my view has changed. Tartan has been trending again in 2014 but for better reasons. The trend has hit all major stores from luxury brands to high street stores. It is not the same; this style of tartan fashion is becoming trendier with so many more fabrics and colours, making it easier to wear tartan with any outfit.

The high street stores are stocking scarves, bags, dresses, skirts and tailored trousers and blazers for a more sophisticated look. The print also comes in different materials such as silk, chiffon, cotton, wool and denim as well as different colours, not just the typical red.

If you have been keeping up with celebrity’s style, a few famous faces have been snapped wearing tartan including Kate Middletone, and Rita Ora.

Few weeks ago I was collaborating with a R.B.M Fashion Designer friend, Roya Bahar, who designed and tailored a collection of tartan jackets for spring 2014.

What I love about Roya’s design is that everything she  makes is unique to meet clients requirements. They are specifically tailored to fit you and you can also choose your favorite colours, not so limited with what you can or can’t have. The jackets will also be a one off R.B.M design piece, you will never fear seeing another person wearing the same jacket as you.

Here is a few snaps of the 2 jackets I tried one.

If you are still looking for inspiration or not sure how to wear tartan clothing here is a gallery of some pieces.

and also the best place to shop for tartan is at pretty little thing


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