Hey guys,


So, a few days ago I shockingly found amazing pieces of vintage jewelry in my mum’s jewelry box. Ever since I have been keen to see them style with traditional garments, and this is exactly what I did today. After spending days searching the house and my mum’s traveling suitcases I finally found this beautiful and colourful traditional Afghan outfit. I just had to wear them and see the full style look.

The traditional dress code for women in Afghanistan is very unique as everything is handmade. The dresses are made of cotton with a combination of different colours with matching trousers, headscarf and a flat pair of shoes, which are called Paizar.

Since my social life is dead right now and no events planned in the next few days or weeks, to wear this stunning outfit I decided to style them anyways. The weather was wet and grey so I quickly popped in to the studio to take a few snaps.

I think the over all style looks amazing, the contrasting colour of the garment, I absolutely adore the embroideries in the dress and the fine little details in the scarf and pants. A good attention has been paid to everything when making this costume.


So this is my traditional styled look


That was my traditional look, if I had the choice to pick and choose pieces and create my own styled look for this theme it would be completely different. As much as I loved the beautiful and colourful outfit with the jewelry, I felt a little supplicated. Everything felt too heavy for my body and I will not be able to wear all of that for a longer period of time during an event.


Because the jewelries are too colourful and heavy I would wear a simpler dress with very little details to make the jewelry stand out more. As much as I love the headpiece, I wouldn’t wear the full set. I decided not to bombard myself with all that heavy jewelery and just wear the one of the open bangles with the necklace and earrings.


My version of this theme



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