Bollywood Chanel

I have just been browsing the net for inspiration and came across these images from I couldn’t resist but share it with you all.

I just fell in love with the beauty of this show, I know it’s from two years ago but Chanel has been inspiring from the very early days and will continue to inspire us all in the future. Chanel never disappoints, this is why we will always love this label.

When people talk about India, I instantly get this crazy image of colourful saris, big chunky gold pieces of jewelry and lots of henna tattoos. But after Karl Lagerfeld took Indian fashion and style to a whole new level by using exquisite accessories, this has completely changed my way of thinking. What made this show more interesting is the fact that Karl Lagerfeld has never been to India.

You can see that these models are styled with an Indian theme , they look very elegant adorned with accessories such as head jewelry and turbans with ethnic-inspired sandals made of leather. While this show was extraordinary, my eyes were glued to the spectacular details of clothing and jewelry. It is just perfect in everyway.

Now, talking about India and the beauty of Indian Jewelry, from what know, many years ago before all technology and credit cards were introduced to us, people used to invest their money on gold and silver jewels instead of keeping the money in the bank, then pass them on to their family. Wearing gold also represented wealth; the more gold you wear the wealthier you would be.

Believe it or not my mom has a big collection of gold and silver jewelry that has been passed to her from her mother and grandmother and I may well get some of them in the future.

So, tonight when I get home, I will have a quick search to see what I will find in my mum’s jewelry box and will try to use some of them in my future styling, blending vintage with a modern twist.


Anyways, Here’s a collection of images that I liked from the Chanel show….



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