Read My Lips

Since the weather is getting warmer, I want to ditch the dark wintery lipsticks and start wearing brighter coloures.

Like everything else I have a cure for anything, I know I have been obsessed with MAC lipsticks for a long time, but now it is time to experiment with my Kryolan Lip Rouge mini palette. This amazing palette has 16 essential shades of glossy colours from nude to bright. Mix well so that you won’t need any other lip colours in your kit.

I bought this Kryolan Lip Rouge Mini Palette a while ago but never used it before and I feel like now is the perfect time to rock different lipstick colour everyday.

As you can see this palette has so many beautiful colours, making my decision hard to choose which one I want to wear. So, I started experimenting with some of my favorite colours, applying them to the tips of my fingers and keeping them close to my skin to see how it looks against my skin. Did you know that you should test lipstick with the tips of your fingers? It sounds a little weird because our finger looks nothing like our lips but it actually works. I didn’t know this until I read it in a magazine.

After experimenting with almost all the colours I decided I want to wear pale pink lipstick today. At the moment I am growing and reshaping my eyebrows, as I want to have the thick but tidy natural eyebrows for the summer. This means I have to change the colour of my lipstick to a paler colour instead of bright red or the purple colour I normally wear as I don’t like bright coloured lipstick with dark eyes or eyebrows for everyday wear.



Kryolan Lip Rouge Mini: ScreenFace 


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