Full of Middle Eastern Promise

I know I posted my Middle Eastern styled look last week when I had tea with my sister and decided to dress up with her. I had to be fully covered because my sister is quite religious and does not like revealing too much skin. She always wears a headscarf to keep her head and hair covered. And obviously I did not wanted to be rude and not wear the headscarf.

I thought I would share with you guys how I really dress for this theme without feeling restricted from what I actually want to wear.

When I think about Middle Eastern fashion, the first thing in my head is gold jewellery, nice patterned and good textured fabric clothing and bold makeup. I have this thing with clothes; I like and want them to feel good on my skin, as well as comfortable.

The dress I am wearing for this look is 100% silk, squared neck with gold trim front and gold buttons. It already has too much detail, so I decided not to bombard it with too many accessories.

As you can probably tell from what I have already posted here, I like keeping my style simple with a few items of jewellery to finish the look. So, I decided to just wear a gold tone embellished hair crown, earrings and one ring.

Bright and bold makeup is also important for Middle Eastern theme; I mainly focused on my eyes when I did my makeup. Think black eyeliner with shades of light and dark brown blended to give it that smoky look but not too dark and I kept the lips pale. Having so much detail already on the dress and accessories made me think that too much makeup may not look good.


And finally here are a few snaps of my Middle Eastern Look.


Dress: Monsoon 

Earrings: New Look

Hair Crown: River Island

Shoes: Vintage

Ring: Vintage




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