Sexy Saturday

Finally it is Saturday night and it’s rude not to party. It is the 6th day of my challenge and still going pretty well. I was really excited to buy a new dress for tonight but then I found this outfit in a draw under my bed. I did mention in one of my posts that I liked a backless dress in white, I couldn’t find a white one but I already have the same dress in navy, which is perfect for a night out. At the moment I am obsessed with backless dresses.

When partying or going out I always keep my style quite simple and less accessories, wearing one or two items to make my outfit stand out. The heels I am wearing today, I purchased them from Barratts when I was 16, and yes this was a treat to myself when I got paid from my first job. I have had them for almost seven years and still keeping them in good condition. They will always be my favorite heels. If you haven’t already noticed, my clutch is an iPad case from Dune London but I like using it as a clutch for evening wear.

I decided to wear my makeup bold and have my eyes smoky black and bright red lipstick. I never plan how I want to have my makeup for any occasions so I just experiment with makeup until I am happy with the end results. If not then I will wash my face and start again.


Dress: Lipsy

Wrist band: Lola & Grace 

Shoes: my own wardrobe


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