Trendy Thursday

I always find dressing up really fun and it’s the most exciting part of getting ready for me, but today I am having a little bit of a nightmare. I keep trying different things and feel like my body is screaming at me saying no I don’t like it. I have already tried two outfits but I feel like it’s not what I want to wear.

Here is the picture of the outfit I tried on earlier and I had to go back inside and get change to something I felt more comfortable in. You can probably tell from my facial expression that I am not happy.

The only thing I liked was the fur collar leather jacket and I definitely want to wear that and completely change everything else.

I hated the colour and size of the jeans and the top was only size 8 but was huge for me and I didn’t like the material as It didn’t feel nice on my skin. I really love the metallic pointed toe court shoes but feel like it’s not something I want to wear today.

And here is what I wore in the end uploading these quickly as I am already late for dinner with a friend.

Finally I am dressed and happy with what I am wearing, I purchased the jeans a while ago from New Look from their kids section and its a perfect length for me, I put them in the wash a few times to get the full denim look and the colour a little lighter. My outfit is not very matchy match today but I quite like how everything is standing out.

The jumper was purchased from Germany a while ago, I think it looks good with the denim jeans and heels.

Everything I am wearing here is all from my own wardrobe but will let you guys know what items are from my wish list this month.

Fure collar leather jacket: New Look

Sandals: New Look

Watch: D&G 

Rings: H&M

Bag: My own wardrobe but was purchased from Spain 2 years ago

Jumper: my own wardrobe but was purchased from Germany



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