Middle Eastern Monday

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my Middle Eastern Monday than having Persian tea with my sister. She is absolutely in love with the theme of Middle Eastern fashion and style. She has a whole wardrobe of beautiful long flawless dresses and scarves. She is also a vintage lover, collecting vintage pieces of jewelleries from all around the world. Having all of this already in the wardrobe made dressing up so much easy and much more fun.

To make my wish list shorter and spend less money on shopping this month, I just had to take advantage of this opportunity and make the most of having her wardrobe open to me.

We both wore long dresses with headscarves (my sister is also very religious) and experimented with makeup a little too much and decided to go for black smooky eye shadow and bright lipstick to get the full Arabian look. When wearing the scarf, believe it or not it took the longest. I don’t wear a headscarf often but when I do, I want it to look good and go well with my outfit.

The Islamic dress code for women is to cover all of the hair and dresses should be long and making sure not to reveal too much skin. This is why I decided to wear the black lace top under the dress.


Over all I like how this quick Middle Eastern style came together from my sisters wardrobe, I really loved the combination of black and white headscarf. I find it quite hard to put headscarfs on, to show you guys how i did it, I took step by step pictures.

Long dress from: Monsoon

Hand chain: New Look

White scarf: Next

Black scarf: Primark

Clutch bag: Vintage

Ring: Vintage

So here is a quick gallery of a step by step guide of how I wore my headscarf, I only used two black and white scarves to create this but you can use different colours and more layers of scarves to create different  ones.


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