Month: April 2014

Checker Print Is Back

When I think tartan I instantly think of the 80s Punk Rock trend but now, my view has changed. Tartan has been trending again in 2014 but for better reasons. The trend has hit all major stores from luxury brands to high street stores. It is not the same; this style of tartan fashion is becoming trendier with so many more fabrics and colours, making it easier to wear tartan with any outfit.

The high street stores are stocking scarves, bags, dresses, skirts and tailored trousers and blazers for a more sophisticated look. The print also comes in different materials such as silk, chiffon, cotton, wool and denim as well as different colours, not just the typical red.

If you have been keeping up with celebrity’s style, a few famous faces have been snapped wearing tartan including Kate Middletone, and Rita Ora.

Few weeks ago I was collaborating with a R.B.M Fashion Designer friend, Roya Bahar, who designed and tailored a collection of tartan jackets for spring 2014.

What I love about Roya’s design is that everything she  makes is unique to meet clients requirements. They are specifically tailored to fit you and you can also choose your favorite colours, not so limited with what you can or can’t have. The jackets will also be a one off R.B.M design piece, you will never fear seeing another person wearing the same jacket as you.

Here is a few snaps of the 2 jackets I tried one.

If you are still looking for inspiration or not sure how to wear tartan clothing here is a gallery of some pieces.

and also the best place to shop for tartan is at pretty little thing



Hey guys,


So, a few days ago I shockingly found amazing pieces of vintage jewelry in my mum’s jewelry box. Ever since I have been keen to see them style with traditional garments, and this is exactly what I did today. After spending days searching the house and my mum’s traveling suitcases I finally found this beautiful and colourful traditional Afghan outfit. I just had to wear them and see the full style look.

The traditional dress code for women in Afghanistan is very unique as everything is handmade. The dresses are made of cotton with a combination of different colours with matching trousers, headscarf and a flat pair of shoes, which are called Paizar.

Since my social life is dead right now and no events planned in the next few days or weeks, to wear this stunning outfit I decided to style them anyways. The weather was wet and grey so I quickly popped in to the studio to take a few snaps.

I think the over all style looks amazing, the contrasting colour of the garment, I absolutely adore the embroideries in the dress and the fine little details in the scarf and pants. A good attention has been paid to everything when making this costume.


So this is my traditional styled look


That was my traditional look, if I had the choice to pick and choose pieces and create my own styled look for this theme it would be completely different. As much as I loved the beautiful and colourful outfit with the jewelry, I felt a little supplicated. Everything felt too heavy for my body and I will not be able to wear all of that for a longer period of time during an event.


Because the jewelries are too colourful and heavy I would wear a simpler dress with very little details to make the jewelry stand out more. As much as I love the headpiece, I wouldn’t wear the full set. I decided not to bombard myself with all that heavy jewelery and just wear the one of the open bangles with the necklace and earrings.


My version of this theme

Life Is Too Short To Wear Boring Jewellery

Hey Lovers,

In my last post I mentioned that my mom has a big collection of jewellery, especially gold. When I opened her jewellery box, I was shocked to find these beautiful jewellery pieces. What I love about all these exquisite pieces of jewellery is that they all have history and a story behind how they ended in my my mum’s collection.

Inspiration from Bonita Chamberlin 


Here is a few images of my favourite pieces that I like and you can wear them.




I am not a big fan of gold jewelries so I didn’t really try anything on but took a few snaps of the rings, necklaces and bracelets that I liked.  All these golds are from different countries such as Afghanistan, Russia, Iran and Arabia.


The Gold gallery, Mama’s collection




Bollywood Chanel

I have just been browsing the net for inspiration and came across these images from I couldn’t resist but share it with you all.

I just fell in love with the beauty of this show, I know it’s from two years ago but Chanel has been inspiring from the very early days and will continue to inspire us all in the future. Chanel never disappoints, this is why we will always love this label.

When people talk about India, I instantly get this crazy image of colourful saris, big chunky gold pieces of jewelry and lots of henna tattoos. But after Karl Lagerfeld took Indian fashion and style to a whole new level by using exquisite accessories, this has completely changed my way of thinking. What made this show more interesting is the fact that Karl Lagerfeld has never been to India.

You can see that these models are styled with an Indian theme , they look very elegant adorned with accessories such as head jewelry and turbans with ethnic-inspired sandals made of leather. While this show was extraordinary, my eyes were glued to the spectacular details of clothing and jewelry. It is just perfect in everyway.

Now, talking about India and the beauty of Indian Jewelry, from what know, many years ago before all technology and credit cards were introduced to us, people used to invest their money on gold and silver jewels instead of keeping the money in the bank, then pass them on to their family. Wearing gold also represented wealth; the more gold you wear the wealthier you would be.

Believe it or not my mom has a big collection of gold and silver jewelry that has been passed to her from her mother and grandmother and I may well get some of them in the future.

So, tonight when I get home, I will have a quick search to see what I will find in my mum’s jewelry box and will try to use some of them in my future styling, blending vintage with a modern twist.


Anyways, Here’s a collection of images that I liked from the Chanel show….


Have a stylish Easter

I was just browsing the net and came across this cute image, I couldn’t resist but share it with you all. Have a fabulous day and stay Stylish xox

FMF Easter Post


Juicy couture eyewear
£47 –


Full of Middle Eastern Promise

I know I posted my Middle Eastern styled look last week when I had tea with my sister and decided to dress up with her. I had to be fully covered because my sister is quite religious and does not like revealing too much skin. She always wears a headscarf to keep her head and hair covered. And obviously I did not wanted to be rude and not wear the headscarf.

I thought I would share with you guys how I really dress for this theme without feeling restricted from what I actually want to wear.

When I think about Middle Eastern fashion, the first thing in my head is gold jewellery, nice patterned and good textured fabric clothing and bold makeup. I have this thing with clothes; I like and want them to feel good on my skin, as well as comfortable.

The dress I am wearing for this look is 100% silk, squared neck with gold trim front and gold buttons. It already has too much detail, so I decided not to bombard it with too many accessories.

As you can probably tell from what I have already posted here, I like keeping my style simple with a few items of jewellery to finish the look. So, I decided to just wear a gold tone embellished hair crown, earrings and one ring.

Bright and bold makeup is also important for Middle Eastern theme; I mainly focused on my eyes when I did my makeup. Think black eyeliner with shades of light and dark brown blended to give it that smoky look but not too dark and I kept the lips pale. Having so much detail already on the dress and accessories made me think that too much makeup may not look good.


And finally here are a few snaps of my Middle Eastern Look.


Dress: Monsoon 

Earrings: New Look

Hair Crown: River Island

Shoes: Vintage

Ring: Vintage


Read My Lips

Since the weather is getting warmer, I want to ditch the dark wintery lipsticks and start wearing brighter coloures.

Like everything else I have a cure for anything, I know I have been obsessed with MAC lipsticks for a long time, but now it is time to experiment with my Kryolan Lip Rouge mini palette. This amazing palette has 16 essential shades of glossy colours from nude to bright. Mix well so that you won’t need any other lip colours in your kit.

I bought this Kryolan Lip Rouge Mini Palette a while ago but never used it before and I feel like now is the perfect time to rock different lipstick colour everyday.

As you can see this palette has so many beautiful colours, making my decision hard to choose which one I want to wear. So, I started experimenting with some of my favorite colours, applying them to the tips of my fingers and keeping them close to my skin to see how it looks against my skin. Did you know that you should test lipstick with the tips of your fingers? It sounds a little weird because our finger looks nothing like our lips but it actually works. I didn’t know this until I read it in a magazine.

After experimenting with almost all the colours I decided I want to wear pale pink lipstick today. At the moment I am growing and reshaping my eyebrows, as I want to have the thick but tidy natural eyebrows for the summer. This means I have to change the colour of my lipstick to a paler colour instead of bright red or the purple colour I normally wear as I don’t like bright coloured lipstick with dark eyes or eyebrows for everyday wear.



Kryolan Lip Rouge Mini: ScreenFace 

Casual, comfortable and cool: NO shame

Does anyone ever pick what they want to wear with their eyes closed?

This is exactly what I did today. I didn’t think twice about what I wanted to wear to uni today, so I just picked clothes that were comfortable for me.

The reason why I wanted to post this on my blog is because a few days ago someone said to me that if he didn’t know me in person he could never imagine me dressed this casual. I thought I would post todays look to show that I am not ashamed, we all have one of those days were we just dress for the comfort without thinking how we look. I literally spent 10 minutes doing my makeup and getting dressed, you can probably tell by looking at the pictures.

When I got ready I took a selfie, (I do this everyday) then took a few snaps around  uni.

If the quality of the pictures are bad, it is because they are taken on my phone.

Romance captured

Two weeks ago, I was asked if I wanted to be the photographer at a friends wedding. It was one of those yes and no moments. I was delighted to be asked to capture their romance and share every special moment with loved ones on their big day, but at the same time I was really nervous, because I have never done photography for anyone else before, I just enjoy it as a hobby.

Eventually I agreed and went for it. I was really impressed with the images over all and thought I will share a few of them with you all on my blog. I will not be showing any faces or share too many, as I don’t want to spoil the surprise and post everything on my blog before they see them.

What I love about Asian weddings is that they are so colorful, everyone dress bright and wearing pretty heels, makeup is always bold and funky and lots of beautiful henna tattoos.

Heres a few snaps of my photography.


Soo many new shoes but only two feet


Shoe Heaven!!! Most people find it hard deciding what clothes to wear in the morning but for me the hardest decision to make everyday is deciding which shoes to wear. So I get dressed first then keep trying different shoes until I am happy with what I am wearing.

I do have a massive collection of black as you can see, it’s purely because I can wear them with anything, from day to day casual to smart and evening.

This morning as I was trying shoes to go with what I am wearing for university I decided to take a few naps and share them with you guys here.

So here is a small collection of my shoe heaven!!

Dune London

River Island 


Karen Millan 


New Look 

Miss Selfridge