What is in my beauty box?

While I am waiting for my week off work to document my looks I thought I would let you guys know what I carry in my beauty box. A lot of people have been asking me about my makeup and what products or brands I use.

Basically I use different products from different brands for different occasions, night and day times.

For basic every day makeup I use Bourjois healthy mix serum or Loreal Nude Magique. A lot of people been telling me that these products makes their skin oily or not setting on the skin as well as they want it.

I moisture my skin and then apply foundation, leave it for a few minutes to set before doing anything else and then apply light powder. It works like magic for me and gives me the flawless coverage.

For special occasions such as evening and wedding makeup I use Illamasqua skin base foundation. These foundations are really thick and give you a very good coverage as well as setting on skin perfectly well until you remove the makeup. I also use the black Illamasqua cake eyeliner with water. It dries very quickly and it is smudge free, every girl’s dream right?  For cheeks I use both cream and powder blusher.

Some other products I use from Illamasqua includes blushers, both creamed and powder, lipsticks and eye shadow which some are powder, cream and some of the pure pigments. Theses products are amazing, Seriously I thank the founder of this brand every time I use them.

So, here is my gallery of what is in my beauty box. These are some of the basic products that I always have with me when shooting both studio and location. Apart from Illamasqua brushes I always have a whole collection of real techniques brushes, these brushes are as good. I always have extra set of brushes with me because it saves time instead of cleaning and using the same ones I am able to carry on using the rest of the brushes and clean them all after the makeup is done and in no rush.



Other items in my box include, nail polish from different brands and different colours, lipsticks (mainly MAC), different coloured eye shadow, eyeliner, lip liner, different shades of blusher and bronzer, fake nails and fake lashes, different shades of concealer and lipstick palette (good for experimenting, when disappearing eyebrows, I use the pale pink to cover and then I use skin colour on top to give the skin the flawless look without noticing that the eyebrows are hidden under the makeup). The reasons why I carry so many products are because you never know when you need them and believe me, it is always better to carry too much rather than too little. Especially if you’re going to do a shoot.

List of products from Illamasqua

Nail Varnish in Smash

Nail varnish in Scorch

Rich Liquid Foundation in 100

Rich liquid foundation in 200

Light liquid foundation in 200

Pure pigment in Android

Pure pigment in Zeitgeist

Liquid metal in Surge

Liquid metal in Stoic

Liquid metal in Superior

Lipstick in Pristine

Eye Liner cake in Mislead

Concealer in 2010

Satin Primer

Cream blusher in Promise

Cream blusher in Libido

Powder blusher in Tremble

Bronzing Due


Brushes I use from Illamaqua includes:

  • Powder brush – Perfect for applying powder products to both face and body
  • Blusher brush – Perfect brush to apply both cream and powder
  • Blending brush – Not too big and not too small, just perfect for blending.
  • Foundation brush – For perfect base, this is definitely the brush you want to use. One of my preference brushes.
  • Eye shadow brush – If your love smooky eye shadow then this is your ideal brush to use to create that perfect blend
  • Concealer brush – Excellent for use with Skin Base Lift/ Cream Pigment/ Cream and general flat brush techniques.
  • Angled brush – creates and defines precision lines. I use this brush for eyeliner, and defining eyebrows.

Talking about Illamasqua got me carried away. Heres my look for today, using Illamasqua products.



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