Sinless sunday ideas

Because its Sunday which is the last day to catch up with sleep, in time to be ready and fresh for Monday, I decided my day will be pretty relaxed. Sinless, white and innocent. I will be detoxing for the day to cleanse all the toxic from the day before.

My look for this day will include a pretty little white dress with black and white heels and bag, smart/casual look. Hair and makeup will be very natural to go with my sinless theme.

We are going to make Sunday a fun day, so me and a friend of mine are meeting up at our favourite restaurant/bar but guess what? We are not drinking any cocktails but instead we are drinking mock-tails. (Fruity cocktails without alcohol) Mocktails are higher in nutrients and made from fresh or organic juice, it has fewer calories and high in vitamins, perfect for a relaxing day and really good for health.

Sinless Sunday

My mood board of ideas includes some items that I really like and want to add them to in my look. I love the white dresses, and the cropped shirt, something that will never be out of fashion and definitely worth having in wardrobe.

My ideas of 7days look has come to an end now. I will spend this week shopping and ready for my week off next week.



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