Trendy Thursday Ideas

Trendy Thursday

Here is another inspiring mood board created for my trendy Thursday theme. When thinking about the word trendy, there is nothing more trendy and stylish than boyfriend jeans and high heels, perfect outfit for any occasion. What I love about boyfriend jeans is that they can be styled smart or casual and you will never be over dressed or under-dressed.  After careful thought there is no hesitation that I will be wearing mine for Thursday’s look. I have no idea what the plan is for this day but I am sure, by then something fun will be arranged whether it is dinner date with friends, boyfriend or just a quick drink and chit-chat.  You can’t go wrong with boyfriend jeans and heels…

Here is my mood board of ideas. I Love how these boyfriend jeans are easy to style and make them look completely differently by just changing the top. Shirt for smart look with a blazer or smart leather jacket or cropped top or oversized jumper for casual. Trendy Thursday



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