Fuchsia Friday Ideas

Fuschia Friday’s look will be one of my favourite obviously because its pink, girly and vibrant and I do love bright colours. Now is the perfect time of the year to start dressing bold for spring and getting ready for summer. For this style, everything will be from my own wardrobe, like I mentioned in my previous post about ‘every girl should have at least have one item that is pink in her wardrobe’. I have a whole collection of pink, from shoes to makeup and clothing. Although I do have my eyes on an oversize pale pink coat and yes, it is on the wish list to be purchased this week. I think pink is a colour that will never be out of fashion, always on trend. This is one of the reasons why I never think twice about buying something pink, it is a safe option to have, knowing it will never be out of fashion. I am so excited to show you all my colourful styled look. Saturday and Sunday’s mood boards and ideas will be added soon, before I start my practical work and document my week off work and uni’s look.

Stay tuned…

Fuschia Friday

I found these images on the internet and I am totally in love with the pink coat and the heels. The dress is cute as well but I am not too sure whether I will be wearing a dress or something a little more casual.


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