Wacky Wednesday Ideas

Wacky wednesday is one of my favourite as I am not so much worried as to how I look but am more interested in standing out from the crowd as I always try to do. I will dress from my own wardrobe and wear something comfortable to have a crazy wacky day, chill in the park and then go for lunch.  My style will be quite simple and casual and foot wear will be either high-top trainers or converse. The reason why I want to wear trainers is because I have a whole collection of them but never wear them. So for a wacky look  my trainers will be on the list without a second thought.

My outfit include a vest with a denim shirt on top, with shorts (if cold I will have tights on) and trainers.  The reason why I want to wear denim is because its something that will never be out of fashion and its something that could be styled for any occasion, from smart to casual however I will not wear more than two items of denim.

So here is a mood of things that I like and are similar to what I have in my wardrobe.

Wacky Wednesday


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