Tropical Tuesday Ideas

I just finished my tropical Tuesday’s mood board of ideas and I have decided that my tropical look will be very beachy and colourful, which will feature a mixture of contrasting colours. This will be a starter look getting ready to be bold and frisky for summer 2014.

We have all seen that mixed patterned clothing is already trending for spring and summer this year, the clothes I want to wear are very bold and colourful. The clothing will be purchased from a high street store and my challenge is to spend less money on them but style them to look lavish still.

I have already planned a coffee/drink date with a friend by the seaside and there is no other excuse it is perfect to dress tropical.

For my final look I will have my hair natural, which is big and wavy with a clean bronzy skin and of course bright lips.  I normally love rocking the red lips but for this style and theme I think coral lipstick and nail polish will give me the complete tropical look. Lets not forget the sunglasses, A lot of people wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from the ray but for me it is a fashion item that I wear all the time no matter what the weather is like. I like my eyes covered all the time, I have a whole collection of sunglasses including Ray bans, Prada and some cool high street pairs.

I am still a little confused about the kind of shoes I will be wearing. The hardest decision in my life is to decide weather to wear high heels or flat? I guess only time will tell. You all know me,  I am too organised I may go in with heels and have a pair of flat in my bag for later to walk around the beach.

Here is my colourful tropical mood board that I have created for my look.

Tropical tuesday

I love the wedge sandals, cropped top and the floral blazer. Something I am considering for my style. I always have to consider my height and wear something that complements it since I am quite short.


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