Pay-day weekend Wish List

Every month, a week before payday I make a wish list of everything I want to buy and when it is payday, for me it is shopping day. Wether this is a habit or addiction I don’t know, but it is something I look forward to and a little treat to myself each month.

So this month I decided to do something different and start the month with a fresh look. I will document my 7 days of the week style. To make dressing up more fun and exciting I thought about having a theme for each day’s look and I am aiming to dress according to the themes.

This wish list will be slightly different, as I wont be buying a complete new outfit, but will be dressing from my own wardrobe. Then anything else that I don’t have to complete the final styled look will go on the wish list.

My wish list will have a mixture of items including clothing, jewelry, makeup and shoes instead of a new outfit.

Here is my exciting theme for each day of the week.

Monday: Middle Eastern Monday

Tuesday: Tropical Tuesday

Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday

Thursday: Trendy Thursday

Friday: Fuschia Friday

Saturday: Sexy Saturday

Sunday: Sinless Sunday

The reason why I choose these themes are because they show my true multi-cultural personal style. I adore the exotic Middle Eastern fashion and style, from long flawless dresses to big gold pieces of jewelry and not forgetting the heels. No matter what you dress like, high heels MUST be worn all the time.

Tropical, colourful, smart and casual is more like my everyday wear. I love boldness and crazy mixed pattern clothing; bright coloured shoes wether flat or high heels.

Wacky Wednesday is more kind of crazy style when I just chill in the park with my friends or having a picnic or walking around the beach.

Trendy Thursday is when I blend casual and smart together to get the look in between the two. I love wearing jeans with pointy heels and smart sleek blazer when going out for drink or dinner.

Fuschia Friday, We all love pink, and if you don’t- then you need to start liking it. Its every girl’s favorite colour and you should all have at least one item in your wardrobe that is pink. I have plenty of Pink clothes, shoes and so many different shades of pink lipsticks and nail polish.

Sexy Saturday, Finally a week of hard work has come to an end and everyone look forward to having another day off. And if you are going out partying or having a drink with friends then you all want to look sexy. I always think that it’s not what you buy that is sexy but how you wear it to look sexy.

Sinless Sunday, weekend is almost over and we want to clear all the sin and become pure again for the rest of the week. Every time I think about the word sinless or pure the colour white is in my head. And yes, no doubt my style will be white for this day or could it be sleepy Sunday? Catch up with sleep and ready for Monday again? Keep up with my blog to find out more…




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