Middle Eastern Inspiration

Middle Eastern Monday Ideas


I have been really excited about creating different looks based on my themes, so I started making mood boards for each style and theme to have an idea of what is important to consider when dressing. There is no hesitation that Middle Eastern style will involve wearing lots of jewellery, dark eye shadow and bright lips. I have a good amount of gold jewellery, which I purchased a while ago but never got the chance to wear them. Finally they are coming to a good use with this theme.

Head and hair must be covered at all times but how you cover it and still make it look fashionably good has been taken into considerations. There is no excuse to look boring and wearing a typically black repetitive headscarf all the time. I am amazed by how good some people look with different style of scarf and turbans. And believe me there are million of ways you can cover your hair and still looking chicly amazing. Fashion turbans are out and trending again, many people wear them for religious purpose and some for fashion to look good.

My aspirations are to be bold, experimental, and not scared to go over the board to create the look I want. I will try different ways of covering my head until am satisfied with how it looks with my outfit. I already have in mind the dress I want to wear. My challenge is to decide wither I want to wear a scarf or a turban. I guess I will try both and see which one I like more.

Here is my mood board of the things I like so far.

Final Moodboard, Middle Eastern Monday

I love the coins in the headscarf, the Arabic text at the back of the dress and I am absolutely in love with the headpiece and turban. These two items are a must have in my look.


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