Feed My Fashion Fancy

Yess, you read that right, fashion feeds me BUT I also feed my fashion fancy by thinking outside the box and not just using things for their primary purpose! During my lunch break today, I decided to flick through some fashion magazines and browse the infamous vogue.com for some fashion inspiration and consequently came across some incredible images from ‘KTZ Boys’ which inspired me to recreate the look with a middle-eastern twist to it.

026_592x888 030_592x888 KIM_8172.450x675


These images show a modern take on middle eastern garments including the Turban, Burqa and also long flowing materials. Black is also a traditionally smart yet effortlessly chic colour, which adds in bringing out the pale complexions of middle eastern women.


So let me tell you all a bit about myself, I work part-time at Dune London as a brand ambassador and uniform for this job is typically black, smart/casual wear. Taking this into account, I decided to recreate the above looks with my own twist adding accessories and a sense of youthfulness. Hats have become more of a frenzy since last year, whether they be sun hats, winter hats or even turbans for fashion purposes, the middle east is always at the forefront of fashion inspiration! …speaking of which, you’d never figure my turban for this look was a £1.50 head towel from Primark but let’s keep that between us 😉





Black trousers: Miss Selfridge

Black bodysuit: H&M

Necklace: H&M

Gold bangles: New Look

Heels: Vintage


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