First day of Spring

So here is my out outfit for today, wearing my favorite red blazer with black and red heels. I was having tea with a friend and next thing we know we ended walking around the Newforest. The weather was too good to say no, but then it started getting colder. Me being prepared, I always carry something casual or smart in the car. (You never know when you need them). Today was a perfect example, my warm black and white cardigan, and scarf came handy. As the weather got colder I started wearing more layers. Eventually, by the time we left the forest, from dressing really smart I ended looking really casual.

Here is how my look transformed.  Starting from how I was dressed when I left my house and how I ended by the end of my evening.

White Shirt, red blazer and black and red court shoes.

Had to take these beautiful shoes off and wear something comfortable to walk around.

Red blazer: Bershka

Black leggings: H&M

Bag: Warehouse

Watch: Michael Kors

White shirt: Minnies Boutique

Scarf: Purchased a few years ago from Germany.


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