First day of spring or New Year

Quick update: The 21st of March is first day of Spring for most people but for Persians its New Years day (nowroz) and start of a fresh year .  I know, its soo crazy that we celebrate almost 3 months late and what is more crazy is that we are still in year 1393 in the Islamic calendar.

The preparations for New Year starts weeks before the first day of spring. All Persians clean, redecorate and rearrange their homes. Buy new clothes to wear on the day, bake lots of pastries and of course cooking all the traditional foods

On New Years Eve a traditional ceremonial table display is set up. This is known as ‘ Sofre-ye Haft-sin’ (cloth of seven dish). Everything displayed must begin with the letter S.

The seven traditional foods are:

  • Sabzeh: lentil, barley or wheat sprouts growing in a dish, symbolizing renewal
  • Samanu: a thick, sweet pudding made from wheat germ, symbolizing affluence
  • Senjed: dried fruit of the lotus tree, symbolizing love
  • Sir: garlic, symbolizing medicine
  • Sib: apples, symbolizing health and beauty
  • Somaq: sumac berries, symbolizing sunrise
  • Serkeh: vinegar, symbolizing age and patience.

And here is my friend’s 7 sin (haft sin) Soo beautiful and colourful

persian, new year, haft sin, 7sin,

If you’re wondering how you can say ‘Happy new year’ to anyone persian, here is a few phrases with their meaning.

No-Rooz Mobarak (Happy No-Rooz, Happy New Year)

Eid-eh Shoma Mobarak (Happy New Year to you)

No-Rooz Pirooz (Wishing you a Prosperous New Year)

Sad Saal be in Saal-ha (Wishing you 100 more Happy New Years).

During the day (nowrooz) people spend the day with families going out for picnics. In this country we can only hope the weather is warm enough to get out of the house. Anyways, I will be sharing my Nawroz look and makeup with you guys tomorrow. Stay tuned….


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