The Floral Skirt/Dress

So the sun was out this week and it was nice and warm. Only one thing was on my mind, I wanted to make sure I dressed colorful when I was going out for a drink with my friends and obviously floral is trending at the moment. I wanted to wear a maxi dress, but I am too short for long dress or skirts as I am only 5.2ft. I saw this long skirt and all of a sudden problem solved. I wore the paisley print skirt as a dress with a belt. It was so perfect, almost like a dress made for my body. The jacket compliments the skirt/dress very well as you can see. And also I have major love for paisley prints, it always reminds me of the 1960’s fashion and style

A lot of people don’t wear prints on print but with this outfit, I love how the floral jacket and the paisley print dress look together. They are very colorful and stand out from each other at the same time as well. However, I personally think its OK to look too flowery once in a while. (You can tell that I am too excited for it to be summer and this is just me getting prepared and in the mood)

The wedge sandals and my vintage straw hat complimented this outfit and made this outfit complete as a whole. For a second, being dressed like this, I felt like I was on holiday and ready to walk around the beach.

As I stylist I always reconstruct and deconstruct clothes to how I want them. This skirt or shall we call it a dress now, is a perfect example.

Skirt/dress : Primark

Shoes: Dune London

Necklace: H&M

Hat: Vintage

Photography by Iryna Koval



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