Little Black Dress

I have been mega excited to show you all my first look for my blog and how I managed to create the perfect look I wanted.

It all started with the pearls I purchased last week, I thought a black dress with a low cut back will be perfect for an evening wear. My only problem was I could not find any black dress that had low cut back. Like always, I find ways to solve my problems.

So here’s what I did; I opened the back zip all the way down, folded both sides in and used safety pins to keep them in place. I could not believe how easy it was to get the perfect backless dress I had in mind.

I wanted to make the back of the dress more appealing to match the front as the back of dresses are normally so boring. The pearls hanging at the back rather than the front of the dress did exactly that and looked amazing and exactly how I imagined it to look. I truly believe if the dress is low cut or backless it means there is a reason why and it should be given attention. I always like accessorizing the back more than the front if I am wearing backless dress and this is a perfect example.

A bowler hat and nude square bag to finish the look makes the dress and pearls stand out with black and red colour block platform court shoes. I purchased the pair a while ago in the sale and never got the chance to wear them but they looked immaculate with the dress, red nails and lips to finish it all off.


Black dress: Zara

Bowler hat: H&M

Bag: Dune London

Pearls: Primark

Pearl rings: H&M

Shoes:  New Look SALE


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