Month: March 2014

What is in my beauty box?

While I am waiting for my week off work to document my looks I thought I would let you guys know what I carry in my beauty box. A lot of people have been asking me about my makeup and what products or brands I use.

Basically I use different products from different brands for different occasions, night and day times.

For basic every day makeup I use Bourjois healthy mix serum or Loreal Nude Magique. A lot of people been telling me that these products makes their skin oily or not setting on the skin as well as they want it.

I moisture my skin and then apply foundation, leave it for a few minutes to set before doing anything else and then apply light powder. It works like magic for me and gives me the flawless coverage.

For special occasions such as evening and wedding makeup I use Illamasqua skin base foundation. These foundations are really thick and give you a very good coverage as well as setting on skin perfectly well until you remove the makeup. I also use the black Illamasqua cake eyeliner with water. It dries very quickly and it is smudge free, every girl’s dream right?  For cheeks I use both cream and powder blusher.

Some other products I use from Illamasqua includes blushers, both creamed and powder, lipsticks and eye shadow which some are powder, cream and some of the pure pigments. Theses products are amazing, Seriously I thank the founder of this brand every time I use them.

So, here is my gallery of what is in my beauty box. These are some of the basic products that I always have with me when shooting both studio and location. Apart from Illamasqua brushes I always have a whole collection of real techniques brushes, these brushes are as good. I always have extra set of brushes with me because it saves time instead of cleaning and using the same ones I am able to carry on using the rest of the brushes and clean them all after the makeup is done and in no rush.



Other items in my box include, nail polish from different brands and different colours, lipsticks (mainly MAC), different coloured eye shadow, eyeliner, lip liner, different shades of blusher and bronzer, fake nails and fake lashes, different shades of concealer and lipstick palette (good for experimenting, when disappearing eyebrows, I use the pale pink to cover and then I use skin colour on top to give the skin the flawless look without noticing that the eyebrows are hidden under the makeup). The reasons why I carry so many products are because you never know when you need them and believe me, it is always better to carry too much rather than too little. Especially if you’re going to do a shoot.

List of products from Illamasqua

Nail Varnish in Smash

Nail varnish in Scorch

Rich Liquid Foundation in 100

Rich liquid foundation in 200

Light liquid foundation in 200

Pure pigment in Android

Pure pigment in Zeitgeist

Liquid metal in Surge

Liquid metal in Stoic

Liquid metal in Superior

Lipstick in Pristine

Eye Liner cake in Mislead

Concealer in 2010

Satin Primer

Cream blusher in Promise

Cream blusher in Libido

Powder blusher in Tremble

Bronzing Due


Brushes I use from Illamaqua includes:

  • Powder brush – Perfect for applying powder products to both face and body
  • Blusher brush – Perfect brush to apply both cream and powder
  • Blending brush – Not too big and not too small, just perfect for blending.
  • Foundation brush – For perfect base, this is definitely the brush you want to use. One of my preference brushes.
  • Eye shadow brush – If your love smooky eye shadow then this is your ideal brush to use to create that perfect blend
  • Concealer brush – Excellent for use with Skin Base Lift/ Cream Pigment/ Cream and general flat brush techniques.
  • Angled brush – creates and defines precision lines. I use this brush for eyeliner, and defining eyebrows.

Talking about Illamasqua got me carried away. Heres my look for today, using Illamasqua products.



Sinless sunday ideas

Because its Sunday which is the last day to catch up with sleep, in time to be ready and fresh for Monday, I decided my day will be pretty relaxed. Sinless, white and innocent. I will be detoxing for the day to cleanse all the toxic from the day before.

My look for this day will include a pretty little white dress with black and white heels and bag, smart/casual look. Hair and makeup will be very natural to go with my sinless theme.

We are going to make Sunday a fun day, so me and a friend of mine are meeting up at our favourite restaurant/bar but guess what? We are not drinking any cocktails but instead we are drinking mock-tails. (Fruity cocktails without alcohol) Mocktails are higher in nutrients and made from fresh or organic juice, it has fewer calories and high in vitamins, perfect for a relaxing day and really good for health.

Sinless Sunday

My mood board of ideas includes some items that I really like and want to add them to in my look. I love the white dresses, and the cropped shirt, something that will never be out of fashion and definitely worth having in wardrobe.

My ideas of 7days look has come to an end now. I will spend this week shopping and ready for my week off next week.


Sexy Saturday Ideas

Now that it’s the weekend, everyone has been looking forward to this for 5 long days during the week. Saturday’s look is always gotta to be sexy.  For me my Saturday night is always planned in advance, so the only thing I need to think about is what will I be wearing? One of the biggest challenge for this Saturday is to ‘stay away from black’ I will not be wearing a black dress. If you haven’t already noticed I am obsessed with the colour black and I can never get bored of it.

My outfit for Saturday will be a dress without a doubt, with my favourite high heels from my own wardrobe. Make up will be glamorous with bright lips and bronzy cheeks.  My wild crazy hair will be either straight or curly to give me the full sexy Saturday night look.

Sexy Saturday


My mood board of ideas for this look include a few black dresses, I quite like the idea of backless but my aim is NO BLACK for Saturday. I absolutely love the white dress but white outfit is already planned for my sinless Sunday look. Can I find the white dress in a different colour? Stay tuned to find out.

Fuchsia Friday Ideas

Fuschia Friday’s look will be one of my favourite obviously because its pink, girly and vibrant and I do love bright colours. Now is the perfect time of the year to start dressing bold for spring and getting ready for summer. For this style, everything will be from my own wardrobe, like I mentioned in my previous post about ‘every girl should have at least have one item that is pink in her wardrobe’. I have a whole collection of pink, from shoes to makeup and clothing. Although I do have my eyes on an oversize pale pink coat and yes, it is on the wish list to be purchased this week. I think pink is a colour that will never be out of fashion, always on trend. This is one of the reasons why I never think twice about buying something pink, it is a safe option to have, knowing it will never be out of fashion. I am so excited to show you all my colourful styled look. Saturday and Sunday’s mood boards and ideas will be added soon, before I start my practical work and document my week off work and uni’s look.

Stay tuned…

Fuschia Friday

I found these images on the internet and I am totally in love with the pink coat and the heels. The dress is cute as well but I am not too sure whether I will be wearing a dress or something a little more casual.

Trendy Thursday Ideas

Trendy Thursday

Here is another inspiring mood board created for my trendy Thursday theme. When thinking about the word trendy, there is nothing more trendy and stylish than boyfriend jeans and high heels, perfect outfit for any occasion. What I love about boyfriend jeans is that they can be styled smart or casual and you will never be over dressed or under-dressed.  After careful thought there is no hesitation that I will be wearing mine for Thursday’s look. I have no idea what the plan is for this day but I am sure, by then something fun will be arranged whether it is dinner date with friends, boyfriend or just a quick drink and chit-chat.  You can’t go wrong with boyfriend jeans and heels…

Here is my mood board of ideas. I Love how these boyfriend jeans are easy to style and make them look completely differently by just changing the top. Shirt for smart look with a blazer or smart leather jacket or cropped top or oversized jumper for casual. Trendy Thursday


Wacky Wednesday Ideas

Wacky wednesday is one of my favourite as I am not so much worried as to how I look but am more interested in standing out from the crowd as I always try to do. I will dress from my own wardrobe and wear something comfortable to have a crazy wacky day, chill in the park and then go for lunch.  My style will be quite simple and casual and foot wear will be either high-top trainers or converse. The reason why I want to wear trainers is because I have a whole collection of them but never wear them. So for a wacky look  my trainers will be on the list without a second thought.

My outfit include a vest with a denim shirt on top, with shorts (if cold I will have tights on) and trainers.  The reason why I want to wear denim is because its something that will never be out of fashion and its something that could be styled for any occasion, from smart to casual however I will not wear more than two items of denim.

So here is a mood of things that I like and are similar to what I have in my wardrobe.

Wacky Wednesday

Tropical Tuesday Ideas

I just finished my tropical Tuesday’s mood board of ideas and I have decided that my tropical look will be very beachy and colourful, which will feature a mixture of contrasting colours. This will be a starter look getting ready to be bold and frisky for summer 2014.

We have all seen that mixed patterned clothing is already trending for spring and summer this year, the clothes I want to wear are very bold and colourful. The clothing will be purchased from a high street store and my challenge is to spend less money on them but style them to look lavish still.

I have already planned a coffee/drink date with a friend by the seaside and there is no other excuse it is perfect to dress tropical.

For my final look I will have my hair natural, which is big and wavy with a clean bronzy skin and of course bright lips.  I normally love rocking the red lips but for this style and theme I think coral lipstick and nail polish will give me the complete tropical look. Lets not forget the sunglasses, A lot of people wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from the ray but for me it is a fashion item that I wear all the time no matter what the weather is like. I like my eyes covered all the time, I have a whole collection of sunglasses including Ray bans, Prada and some cool high street pairs.

I am still a little confused about the kind of shoes I will be wearing. The hardest decision in my life is to decide weather to wear high heels or flat? I guess only time will tell. You all know me,  I am too organised I may go in with heels and have a pair of flat in my bag for later to walk around the beach.

Here is my colourful tropical mood board that I have created for my look.

Tropical tuesday

I love the wedge sandals, cropped top and the floral blazer. Something I am considering for my style. I always have to consider my height and wear something that complements it since I am quite short.

Middle Eastern Inspiration

Middle Eastern Monday Ideas


I have been really excited about creating different looks based on my themes, so I started making mood boards for each style and theme to have an idea of what is important to consider when dressing. There is no hesitation that Middle Eastern style will involve wearing lots of jewellery, dark eye shadow and bright lips. I have a good amount of gold jewellery, which I purchased a while ago but never got the chance to wear them. Finally they are coming to a good use with this theme.

Head and hair must be covered at all times but how you cover it and still make it look fashionably good has been taken into considerations. There is no excuse to look boring and wearing a typically black repetitive headscarf all the time. I am amazed by how good some people look with different style of scarf and turbans. And believe me there are million of ways you can cover your hair and still looking chicly amazing. Fashion turbans are out and trending again, many people wear them for religious purpose and some for fashion to look good.

My aspirations are to be bold, experimental, and not scared to go over the board to create the look I want. I will try different ways of covering my head until am satisfied with how it looks with my outfit. I already have in mind the dress I want to wear. My challenge is to decide wither I want to wear a scarf or a turban. I guess I will try both and see which one I like more.

Here is my mood board of the things I like so far.

Final Moodboard, Middle Eastern Monday

I love the coins in the headscarf, the Arabic text at the back of the dress and I am absolutely in love with the headpiece and turban. These two items are a must have in my look.

Pay-day weekend Wish List

Every month, a week before payday I make a wish list of everything I want to buy and when it is payday, for me it is shopping day. Wether this is a habit or addiction I don’t know, but it is something I look forward to and a little treat to myself each month.

So this month I decided to do something different and start the month with a fresh look. I will document my 7 days of the week style. To make dressing up more fun and exciting I thought about having a theme for each day’s look and I am aiming to dress according to the themes.

This wish list will be slightly different, as I wont be buying a complete new outfit, but will be dressing from my own wardrobe. Then anything else that I don’t have to complete the final styled look will go on the wish list.

My wish list will have a mixture of items including clothing, jewelry, makeup and shoes instead of a new outfit.

Here is my exciting theme for each day of the week.

Monday: Middle Eastern Monday

Tuesday: Tropical Tuesday

Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday

Thursday: Trendy Thursday

Friday: Fuschia Friday

Saturday: Sexy Saturday

Sunday: Sinless Sunday

The reason why I choose these themes are because they show my true multi-cultural personal style. I adore the exotic Middle Eastern fashion and style, from long flawless dresses to big gold pieces of jewelry and not forgetting the heels. No matter what you dress like, high heels MUST be worn all the time.

Tropical, colourful, smart and casual is more like my everyday wear. I love boldness and crazy mixed pattern clothing; bright coloured shoes wether flat or high heels.

Wacky Wednesday is more kind of crazy style when I just chill in the park with my friends or having a picnic or walking around the beach.

Trendy Thursday is when I blend casual and smart together to get the look in between the two. I love wearing jeans with pointy heels and smart sleek blazer when going out for drink or dinner.

Fuschia Friday, We all love pink, and if you don’t- then you need to start liking it. Its every girl’s favorite colour and you should all have at least one item in your wardrobe that is pink. I have plenty of Pink clothes, shoes and so many different shades of pink lipsticks and nail polish.

Sexy Saturday, Finally a week of hard work has come to an end and everyone look forward to having another day off. And if you are going out partying or having a drink with friends then you all want to look sexy. I always think that it’s not what you buy that is sexy but how you wear it to look sexy.

Sinless Sunday, weekend is almost over and we want to clear all the sin and become pure again for the rest of the week. Every time I think about the word sinless or pure the colour white is in my head. And yes, no doubt my style will be white for this day or could it be sleepy Sunday? Catch up with sleep and ready for Monday again? Keep up with my blog to find out more…



Feed My Fashion Fancy

Yess, you read that right, fashion feeds me BUT I also feed my fashion fancy by thinking outside the box and not just using things for their primary purpose! During my lunch break today, I decided to flick through some fashion magazines and browse the infamous for some fashion inspiration and consequently came across some incredible images from ‘KTZ Boys’ which inspired me to recreate the look with a middle-eastern twist to it.

026_592x888 030_592x888 KIM_8172.450x675


These images show a modern take on middle eastern garments including the Turban, Burqa and also long flowing materials. Black is also a traditionally smart yet effortlessly chic colour, which adds in bringing out the pale complexions of middle eastern women.


So let me tell you all a bit about myself, I work part-time at Dune London as a brand ambassador and uniform for this job is typically black, smart/casual wear. Taking this into account, I decided to recreate the above looks with my own twist adding accessories and a sense of youthfulness. Hats have become more of a frenzy since last year, whether they be sun hats, winter hats or even turbans for fashion purposes, the middle east is always at the forefront of fashion inspiration! …speaking of which, you’d never figure my turban for this look was a £1.50 head towel from Primark but let’s keep that between us 😉





Black trousers: Miss Selfridge

Black bodysuit: H&M

Necklace: H&M

Gold bangles: New Look

Heels: Vintage